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Getting started with FOB/FCA Nairobi sales in Floriday
Getting started with FOB/FCA Nairobi sales in Floriday

This article explains in 10 steps how you can get started with FOB/FCA Nairobi sales in Floriday.

Written by Loraine Ploemen
Updated over a week ago

Logging into Floriday

To start working on Floriday, you will first need to create a Floriday account if your account is not activated yet. To create one, log on to MyRoyalFloraHolland and click on the Floriday banner.

If you're having trouble logging in to MyRoyalFloraHolland, please contact the Client Contact Centre at +31 88 789 89 89. They will be able to help you.

Visit Choose your preferred language in the top right corner. Next, click on Login, followed by Login grower.

You will now land on the login page for the Floriday supplier portal. Enter the email address you registered your Floriday account with. Click Next and enter the password. Click Sign in.

If the email address and password you entered is correct, you are now logged in to Floriday!

If the email address or password do not match, click on "Need help signing in?" and click "Forgot password?" to request a new one.

If you are using Floriday a lot, make it easier for yourself and create a Floriday shortcut via Google Chrome. Read in this guide how you can do this.

You can invite colleagues to work in Floriday with their own login, read this guide to learn how to do this.

Creating your Catalogue

Creating and managing your catalogue is the basis for all that you will be doing in Floriday. Take time to formulate how you would like to present your assortment to the customers, especially if you have more than one type of cut flower available.


Start by creating Collections (aisles) if you have more than one type cut flower or several categories of cut flowers in your farm. For example if you grow Roses you could have broad categories within Roses such as spray roses, garden roses and standard roses.

To create a Collection, read Creating a collection and follow the 2 steps. When your collections are setup, you can add your trade items (varieties) to the catalogue by following the steps in Adding trade items to the catalog.

If you already have existing trade items in your catalogue, you can quickly organize them in collections by selecting all varieties for a particular selection in Catalogue > Trade Items. An orange banner appears at the bottom of the screen, click Quick setup > Set collection and allocate to the appropriate collection.

You can now filter your assortment by collections. You can also share your collections using a link and/or QR code. Go to Catalog > Collections. Click on the three dots of the collection you want to share with buyers and choose Share collection.

Adding trade items

To add trade items your catalogue, follow the steps in the guide Adding trade items to the catalogue

Copy trade items
To create similar varieties with the same characteristics, you can simply copy an existing trade item by clicking on the three dots of the existing trade item. Select 'copy' and enter the VBN Code, Code and Name, save this. Then select the new trade item, on the three dots select 'edit' to change the necessary details like characteristics, image and packing configuration.

Managing your catalogue

Your catalogue is important to show your products to your (potential) customers. Take time to regularly review your catalogue and update trade items and pictures if needed.
Some easy tools for managing your catalogue are Managing your packing configurations

Configuring your delivery conditions

Buyers obviously want to know when they can expect your products when they order them. That is why it’s important you set your delivery conditions in Floriday.

Configure a FOB/FCA Nairobi delivery condition

To set delivery conditions for FOB/FCA Nairobi sales go to Supply>Direct Sales>Delivery conditions. Click button 'Add'. Ensure warehouse selected is the farm location and not your agent. (You can offer your supply from your farm or from your agent's warehouse). Configure 'general conditions' to apply to all customers and/or 'customer specific conditions' to apply to specific customers.

At 'Delivery', click on '+ Add delivery locations', Select delivery type FCA for Deliveries are brought to the airport of departure.

Then customize your order days based on when you make your deliveries to the airport and save once done. Then save the delivery condition.

For more information on delivery conditions read this guide.

Activating My Shop in Floriday

Next, you want to activate your Shop in Floriday. Every grower has their own personal webshop in Floriday that customers can visit.

This guide explains how to activate your shop in Floriday.

Creating offers for FOB/FCA Nairobi sales

Now you are ready to start selling via Floriday!

We use the 'Offer' functionality in Floriday to create supply.
It is possible to create offers in Floriday for selected customer ór for all customers that wish to purchase with FOB/FCA Nairobi delivery conditions. Having continuous supply in Floriday ensures that customers always have a possibility to place orders. You can create supply for a short period (e.g. a couple of days) or for a longer period (e.g. 1 month or a couple of months or a year).

You can read in create offers how the offer functionality in Floriday works.

Some specifics to create FOB/FCA Supply via Offer

  • Choose the Order period. This is the period that the offer is valid. You can set this to a couple of days or choose long term (e.g., 1 year) when you want your offer to be valid for a longer period.

  • Choose the dispatch location as the warehouse for which you have configured the FCA Nairobi delivery condition (see step 3). This is normally the farm location.

  • Choose either one or more customers by clicking on the '+add' button or choose to make this offer available for all customers.

  • Change the currency to USD to create an offer in USD. If you don't see the USD option, then goto settings > organisation and enable U.S. dollar as a supported currency in Floriday. You can choose the USD to be used as a default.

Once you have saved your offer, the customer will be able to purchase from this offer in Floriday.

Is your offer online? You can also inform your customer. This guide explains which options Floriday offers.

When the customers start purchasing from your offer, you are able to track the sold quantities in the offer and you can increase the quantity of the offer at any time if supply is starting to run out or if you own supply conditions have changed.

View your Sales Orders

If the customer places an order on your supply, you will find these Sales order in the Sales Order Overview.

Go to Sales > Sales Order Overview to find your sales orders and read more about the sales order overview in this guide.

Receiving Notifications

You can also receive notifications for each Sales Order that you receive. Read more about receiving notifications in Floriday in this guide.

Go to Setting > Notifications to enable to receive notifications for new Sales Orders (email or push notification to your phone).

Correcting and accepting corrections on Sales Orders

If a customer places an order in Floriday on your supply, you have an obligation to deliver the products on the date/location as specified in the order. But, of course, it could be the case that an order is not correct anymore and has to be adjusted.

Submitting a correction request

Read about how to file a correction request in this guide.

Once you have filed a correction request, the customer will need to approve this.

GoTo Sales > Sales Order > Corrections to see the status of your correction requests.

Accepting a correction request that is submitted by the customer

It is also possible that a customer makes a correction request on an order that has been placed. You will need to approve or reject this correction request. In Sales > Sales order > Corrections, you will find an overview of the corrections that you need to approve.

Receiving notifications

You can receive notifications for correction requests from customers or responses to your correction requests (either approved or declined). Read more about receiving notifications in Floriday in this guide.

Go to Setting > Notifications to enable to receive notifications for new Sales Orders (email or push notification to your phone).

Processing Orders

To receive payment for your delivered orders, you will need to process your orders by using the Floriday fulfillment process. Read more about processing orders in this guide.

Specifics on processing FOB/FCA Sales Orders

To fulfil your FOB/FCA sales orders, go to fulfillment > fulfillment orders to find an overview of all your unfulfilled Sales Orders.

  • When fulfilling the order, choose to delete any load carriers if there are still load carriers specified in the delivery.

  • You can include a Commercial Invoice Reference in the delivery, this reference will show on your RoyalFloraHolland invoice for easy reconciliation (note: Commercial Invoice Number will only show on RFH-invoice for USD-orders). Click on the 3 dots at the end of a product line to include a Commercial Invoice Reference and apply to all batches throughout the delivery. Have and additional entry for the Eur-orders add the last 4 digits to the Service code option and apply to all batches in the delivery.

  • When you save and submit your delivery, you have successfully finished your order processing. You can ignore the delivery letter that appears next. For FOB sales this form is not required.

When you have fulfilled your orders, you can check the status of these orders in the Sales Order Overview by looking at the icons at the end of each Sales order line.

A Sales order which is committed, but not fulfilled yet.

A Sales order which is fulfilled, but not financially settled yet.

A Sales order which is successfully settled.

Correcting an order that is already fulfilled and settled

If you want to correct a Sales Order that is already fulfilled, please note that there is difference between correcting USD orders and correcting Euro orders.

Already settled Euro orders can be corrected via the same process as step 7 (correcting Sales orders).

For already settled USD orders, you will need to correct the fulfilment order first, before you can correct the sales order. If you try to correct the Sales Order without correcting the fulfillment order first, you will get an error message.

To correct the fulfillment order, first find the fulfillment order:

  • In the Sales Order overview, simply click on the delivery letter number of the Sales Order you want to correct. The fulfillemtn order will open.

To correct the fulfillment order, click on cancel (to fully cancel) or correct delivery order.

Correct the number of boxes in the fulfillment order. Once you have corrected the fulfillment order, you can correct the Sales Order in the Sales Order Overview as a second step.

Supply Requests

Next to placing orders on supply that you offer on Floriday, buyers can also place requests for the trade items shown in your catalog. So a buyer can send a request via Floriday if you have certain products available for a specific order date for a specific price. You can respond to the request in Floriday.

Learn how to find and respond to supply requests in this guide.

Contracts and Standing orders

When you make long term agreements with your customers on regular FOB/FCA Nairobi deliveries including fixed quantities and prices, the Floriday Contracts and Standing Order functionality will be most useful for you.

In the contract module, you are defining the contract framework in terms of agreed assortment (including alternatives, in case of short of supply), quantities, frequency of delivery and price. Your customer has to approve the contract in Floriday. Alternatively, the customer can create the contract and you need to approve it.

To learn how to create contracts in Floriday, please read this guide.

Once you have created the contract via Sales > Contracts and the customer has approved the contract, you can use the Standing Order functionality in Floriday to create the individual cycled orders resulting from the contract. Alternatively, and best flow for the customers is that the customer can create the Standing Order and you can approve it.

To learn how to create standing orders in Floriday, please read this guide.

Standing orders are also listed in the Sales Order overview (step 6) and can be processed in the same way as regular orders (step 8).

Other helpful guides

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We hope this starter guide provides you with all the information you need to grow your FOB/FCA Nairobi sales with Floriday. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact the Floriday helpdesk:

Phone: +31 174 35 20 70

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