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Sales orders

Easily create an easy-to-understand overview of all your sales orders.

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The sales order overview gives a complete overview of all sales orders that exist for the selected time period.

This overview can be displayed by day, week or month. In addition, you can filter by order date, delivery date, trade instrument, customers, stock location and/or sales channels. By clicking on ordered at, quantity or delivery, you can determine the sequence of the display. When the display is as you wish, you should download a CSV or delivery list.

You can also search the sales orders overview by letter number. This allows you to quickly find a specific sales order if you only know the letter number.

Tip: In the user-specific preferences, you can set the default sales order overview filters that allows you to specify how the sales order overview should be filtered by default. Here you can choose the trade instrument, to filter by order date or delivery date, and you can choose to view by day, week or month. To set this, go to settings > preferences.

Revenue, average price and number of packages for the selected period can be seen under the filter options bar.

In the table, you can see which products you have sold and the corresponding quantities and price. In addition, you can see the time of order, which customer has ordered the trade item and the time of delivery. If this is specified, the customer reference is displayed. The final rows show how the sales order is settled, whether the order has been confirmed, whether the delivery has been created and whether the payment request has been sent.

On the right-hand side of each line, you should click on the three dots. Here, you can request a payment, view the commercial or logistics batch journal, submit a correction or cancellation, print the plant passport or open the delivery.

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