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Place your items in convenient collections to create a good overview.

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In the Floriday catalog, you can make use of collections. You can divide all your products into collections. This allows you to create a better overview for yourself, your colleagues and the buyers who buy through direct purchasing on Floriday.

In the catalog and with direct purchasing, you can filter by collection, for example you can easily fill in the price or increase/decrease it for an entire collection. Buyers will see your collections in the Explorer and when buying directly on Floriday and this page will become clearer for them if you place your products in collections.

Explanation on this page:

Creating a collection

Go to Catalog > collections. Click on the 'Add collection' button

Give the collection a name and add a description if necessary. Add a photo to the collection. Collections with an accompanying photo may be seen by buyers purchasing direct through Floriday.

Click on the yellow button: 'Save'.

You have now created a collection. All collections will be listed under Catalog > Collections. Once you have created a collection, you can add items to this collection.

Determining the order of collections

You can determine the order of the collections by dragging and dropping them in the Catalog > collections screen. Click on a collection, holding it with your mouse to drag it. In this way you can, for example, place the most important collection at the top. This will then be displayed at the top in buyers' direct purchasing screens on Floriday.

Add trade items to a collection

Go to Catalog > Trade Items. When you hover your mouse over an item, a checkbox appears in the top left corner (in the item list display, the checkbox is located to the left and in front of the item). Select all the items you wish to add to a collection using the checkboxes.

After selecting an item, a yellow bar appears at the bottom of the screen. In this bar, click Quick setup > Set up collection.

Now choose the collection to which you want to add the items and click 'Save'.

The items have now been added to the desired collection. From now on, you can filter by collections in the catalog and in direct sales, and buyers can see the collections when buying directly on Floriday.

Filter by collections

You can filter by collections in the catalog. This can be done in the bar where - All collections - is displayed. Here you can select a collection you want to filter.

Share collection

You can easily share a collection with buyers using a link and/or QR code. Go to Catalog > Collections. Click on the three dots of the collection you want to share with buyers and choose Share collection.

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