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File a correction request

In this article, we will explain how you can file a correction request through Floriday and/or Royal FloraHolland.

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When an order has been placed, it will be listed in Floriday under the Sales orders. Then you can process the order in Floriday, or in your own software package. But, of course, it could be the case that an order is not correct anymore and has to be adjusted. This can easily be done in Floriday using the correction request.

Take note: Correction and cancellation requests can be submitted up to 90 days after the delivery date.

On this page we explain how to submit a correction request.

Submit a correction request through Floriday

Go to the left side of the menu in Floriday to Sales > Sales orders. Search for the sales order you would like to correct. You can do this by clicking on the 3 dots on the right side of the screen for the right sales order. Then choose the option: Correction request.

A new screen will appear, where you can indicate what you would like to correct. You can correct the following information:

  • The price

  • The packaging code

  • The number of packaging units

  • The number of units per packaging unit

Optionally, you can set an expiry time. This defaults to the next working day at 17:00. You can also choose 1, 2 or 3 hours.

Fill in the correct information and, if so desired, a reason for the correction. Then click 'Save'.

Please note! When you increase the number of barrels and you have already completed the order, a new open order is created that needs to be completed. You will also be notified of this on the dashboard.

The correction request has now been submitted to the buyer. The buyer can approve the request or deny it in Floriday. You will have to wait a moment for a response from the buyer. You can turn on notifications for corrections at Settings > Notifications.

As soon as you have submitted the correction, it will be listed in the corrections overview. You can find this overview under Sales > Sales orders > Corrections.

Below, you can see a correction that was submitted and a correction that was approved in the overview. In this screen, you can check if you still have corrections open.

As soon as the correction is approved and processed, you can also see this in the sales orders overview. On the right side, you will see a green icon with a pen, indicating that the correction has been processed.

Tip! If the correction has expired because the buyer didn’t respond on time, you can easily submit this again by clicking on the three dots > Resubmit correction request.

For manually created orders it is not necessary to submit a correction request. You can implement the correction yourself immediately.

Submit a correction request via Royal FloraHolland

Royal FloraHolland has drawn up a pdf document that explains in 5 steps how the correction is processed. Find out how to arrange corrections for direct trade via Royal FloraHolland. Go to page 7 for the English translation

Submitting a correction request for VRM

If you want to submit a correction request for an order of which the transaction goes through VRM, you can contact VRM. It is not possible to make this correction through Floriday.

Submitting a correction request for Plantion

If you want to submit a correction request for an order of which the transaction goes through Plantion, you can contact Plantion. It is not possible to make this correction through Floriday.

Correction requests that cannot yet be processed via FD:

There are many developments around corrections and a large part of them can be corrected through Floriday. However, there are a number of things that cannot be processed in Floriday yet:

  • Corrections through the excel file

  • Corrections on delivery from stock

  • Corrections to Large Parties > Correction via excel-document from RFH

  • Corrections by VRM cannot yet be done by Floriday > This has to be requested by VRM.

  • Corrections Plantion cannot yet be done through Plantion > This must be requested through Plantion.

  • Correction number of pieces > This is not automatically transferred to the number of plates/cargo carriers. This can now be corrected in logistics.

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