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Work more easily with Floriday by setting preferences

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Through preferences, you can set up Floriday the way you want to use it. These settings are saved, so you won’t need to set them again each time.

You can set preferences per user, so that every colleague in the company can work in their own way. For example, you can set how Floriday looks, but also how you want to work with Clock Presales, direct trade or sales orders.

In addition, there are organization-wide preferences, with which you can, for example, set standard shipping and auction locations. These settings apply to the entire company.

It is possible to search in the preferences overview. For example, you can search specifically for the setting to adjust the display of product variants.

Where are these settings?

  1. Click on your username at the top right.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Click on Preferences.

On this page, you will find an overview of all preferences you can set. Each user can set User-specific preferences. This means that the preferences you set on this page apply only to you. This way everyone in the company can use Floriday in their own way.

In addition, there are also Organization-wide preferences. These are preferences that only the Main User of an account can set. These preferences apply to every user within the company. On the same page, go to the heading Colleagues & Use to see who the Main User is within the company.

Below you can read what the different preferences do for each section. Click on a preference in Floriday to open it and make your choice. Once you've made your choice, click Save at the bottom of the page.

User-specific preferences


Dashboard shortcuts. This option allows you to choose which shortcut buttons are shown on your Dashboard.

Default action after creating delivery order. When you make a clock delivery or direct order in Floriday, you are by default asked to process the delivery immediately or to return to the overview. With this preference you set whether after making a delivery you:

  • Always want to go to Fulfillment orders

  • Always want to go to the Delivery orders overview.

  • Always be asked what you want to do.

Standard direct sales page. When you click on Supply > Direct sales in Floriday in the left column, you arrive at Catalog prices by default. Choose Batch prices if you want to arrive directly on this page by default.


Identify trade items by code or characteristic. Choose which information you want to see under your trade item by default. You can choose between the item code, Characteristics with icons and Properties with S codes.

  • Trade item code:

  • Trade item characteristics with icons:

  • Trade item characteristics with S codes:

Sorting order. This preference gives you the option to adjust the order of your trade items. Floriday sorts your trade items based on what you have at the top. Floriday then looks at what comes next, and so on. You can easily adjust the order by dragging it up and down. On the right-hand side you can indicate whether you want the order to descend or ascend.

Display of variants. In Floriday you can work with trade item variants. These are variations within the same trade item (e.g. stem length 60, 70 and 80 cm within the same type). You can set this via the Characteristics of your trade items in the catalog.

When creating a delivery, you have two choices when choosing your trade items. You can work with variants or directly adjust the characteristics of a trade item yourself. With this preference you indicate how you prefer to work.

List of variants:

Directly adjust trade item characteristics:


Default packages owner. If you do not use custom packages, but someone else’s packaging is used, you specify who the Owner is. If this is always the same, you can enter it here.

Carrier layout. In Floriday you add a packaging configuration to your trade items. This is always the packaging configuration of a full trolley. That way we know exactly how many layers and trolleys you are working with, if you enter the number of packaging units. When making a delivery, we then automatically enter your trolley layout. Would you rather do this yourself? Then choose Manual here.

Clock delivery preferences. The following preferences can be set at the user level for creating a clock delivery. The other clock delivery preferences are used organization-wide and can only be set by the main user.

  • Standard auction location. If you auction at only one auction location, set this location here to always be displayed when making clock deliveries.

  • Minimum price Auction (withdrawal). Set a minimum price when making clock deliveries. Is the minimum price not met at the Auction? The batches are then withdrawn.

  • Packages owner. By enabling this preference you can enter the organization with which the packaging units are settled. This is mainly used in cooperation with agents or other logistics service providers.

  • Remarks. This preference allows you to add a comment for the auctioneer per batch.

  • Service code. This preference allows you to add a service code to the clock delivery. This can be used as a reference.

  • Use the sorting preference while creating a delivery order. When you make a clock delivery, you choose particular trade items. The order in which trade items are placed on a trolley by Floriday depends by default on the order in which you see the trade items.
    Would you rather have Floriday fill the trolley based on which trade item you click on first? Then turn off this preference.

  • Empty all packaging units. Enable this option if you always want to enter the number of units per packaging unit yourself when making a clock delivery.

Default clock photo upload action.

When creating an auction letter, you need to choose which trade items you are going to use. After selecting trade items, the corresponding photos are shown on the left.

Below the photos you will find 2 buttons. One is for uploading a new product photo, the other for uploading a detail photo. The preference Default clock photo upload action allows you to choose what these 2 buttons do.

  • Upload a new photo directly from your computer.

  • Choose an existing photo from the Floriday gallery.


Default organization. If you have several grower numbers, you can easily switch between your different numbers in Floriday. You then only have to log in to Floriday once to have direct access to all your numbers. With this preference you set which number you see when you log in.

Do you have multiple numbers, but can't switch between them yet? In that case, please contact support, they will be happy to help you with this.

Default despatch warehouse. When you have multiple despatch warehouses, it can be useful to set a default despatch warehouse. You can set this for the entire organization (see Organization-wide preferences) or you can set it on a user level.

This is useful when you work on one despatch location, while other colleagues work on another despatch location. Take note that default despatch locations on user levels take priority over default despatch locations on organisation level.

Default pricing strategy. We show price suggestions for clock growers who use Clock Presales. This makes it easier for you to choose the right price for the trade items you offer in Clock Presales. These are the prices in the purple box, which are shown next to the price field. Click on these suggestions to implement them immediately.

The suggestions are made based on preferences. By default, price suggestions are shown based on the prices of your last auction day and your own supply. However, you can also choose other options here.

Default sales overview filters. The sales orders in Floriday show the sales orders of all trading forms by default. This includes auction clock, Clock Presales, direct sales and contracts. If you want to see one trade form by default, set this here. In addition, Floriday by default shows sales orders per week. If you want to see the sales orders per day or per month by default, adjust this here.

Default Clock Presales date. When you go to the Clock Presales screen, you will see the Clock Presales of the next auction date by default. If you prefer to always see the Clock Presales of the current auction date first, set this here.

Default customer field filter. Here you can set whether you want to show all connections in your network by default or only customers.

Default image for customer offers. When you use the same image for your customer offers, use this feature to have the image uploaded automatically when creating new customer offers. You don't need to upload the image manually ever again!

Organization-wide preferences

These preferences apply to every user within the company.


Clock delivery preferences

  • Default dispatch location for clock deliveries. If you have several shipping locations and only make clock deliveries from one location, it is convenient to set that location here.

  • Default auction location. If you auction at only one auction location, set this location here to always be displayed when making clock deliveries.

Extra functions

  • Apply detail photo: If you have added a detail photo to an item in your catalog, that detail photo will automatically be used when you make a clock delivery. You don't have to add it manually every time.

  • Batch photo feature logo: In Floriday you can add a logo in the settings of the lot photos. This logo will automatically be added to the photos of your clock deliveries if this preference is turned on.

Default carrier. If you regularly use the same carrier, you can set it as your default shipping location in Preferences.

Logistic fulfillment. The logistic handling can be done in several ways. Is there a way in which you often handle the logistics? If so, you can set this as your default (BLO / LOG).

Customer reference per trade item upon delivery for a direct order. By ticking this preference, the customer reference field will be shown per item.

Display of trade items on delivery form. With this preference you indicate whether you want to see article codes or the article names on the delivery notes that you create.

If you opt for product name, the default name of the VBN code will be used. This can be confusing if you have several trade items with the same VBN code. In that case, choose item code to differentiate between them.


Default despatch warehouse. If you regularly use the same shipping location, you can set it as your default shipping location under preferences. Take note that default despatch locations on user levels take priority over default despatch locations on organisation level.

Trading period batch prices. Enter here the standard validity of your batches if you make use of batch prices. By default, this is set at one day until 06:00 in the morning the next day. You can increase the validity here to a maximum of 6 days. The time can be freely adjusted.

Sales order statistics. There is a company-wide preference available that allows you to hide the statistics in the sales order view. This can be useful if you do not want all users in your organisation to be able to see the sales.

Default supply type for customer offers. This setting allows you to change the default supply type for customer offers from Limited supply to Based on availability.

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