In Floriday, you can set your preferences to 'default'. These settings are saved. You do not have to change these settings again. You can personalise your Floriday experience through settings. You can save choices such as those related to your company, clock presales, direct trade and the sales overview..

Where can I find these settings?

  1. Click on your own name in Floriday at the top right.
  2. Click on 'settings'.
  3. Choose the tab: ‘Preferences’.

What can I set here?

Decide for yourself which things you want to set as default. For instance, you can also indicate which sorting order Floriday should have for you. This means that you can indicate that your products should be sorted by VBN code first, then by name, etc. This way, your products are always in the correct order. You can make choices regarding the following topics:

  • Navigation
  • View
  • Fulfillment
  • Standard

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