With special offers you can quickly and easily make an offer to customers. Special offers have flexible validity and can be made for multiple customers simultaneously.

There is also a special, short-term offer: The purchase tip.

The purchase tip always has a validity of 3 hours and will be highlighted for customers in ‘My Shop’.

How do you create a special offer or purchase tip?

In Floriday, go to Direct Sales > Special offers and click on the green button ‘New offer’.

Indicate whether you want to make a purchase tip or offer.

A purchase suggestion is standard valid for 3 hours and only available for 1 customer. Would you like to make a long-term offer? Then you can select the period yourself. For the period you can choose between a long-term offer (flexible period for multiple customers) or a purchase tip (3 hours valid for one customer).

  • Choose for which customer you want to make the purchase tip or offer.

  • You can now choose between counting down stock or availability based on catalogue prices.

1: Indicate that you have, for example, 1000 pieces and we will count towards 0 with every order.

2: Or you indicate that the buyer can see that you have 1000 pieces. We don't count down, but you can use the slider to track availability.

  • Click on 'add items' or 'add batches' at the bottom right. Select the items or batches you want to offer and click on 'confirm'.

Adding customers to 1 group

You can now create groups of customers by tagging them. Then you can easily reuse this group of customers by saving these selected organizations as a tag in different parts in Floriday. This is possible in all places where you can select multiple customers.

Indicate how many packaging units you would like to offer and set a price for the products.

When you have correctly filled in the information above, your special offer or purchase tip will be ready. In the upper right, click on the button ‘Save’, and the special offer or purchase tip will be send to the chosen customer(s). You can also easily empty the delivery period again.

Have you already created an offer and want to add or remove items? No problem! You can now easily adjust this in the current offer without having to create a new offer.

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