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Processing orders

In this article, we will explain with screenshots how you can process an order that is received through Floriday.

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In this article, we will explain with screenshots how you can process an order that is received through Floriday via screenshots.

Receive notifications

You can receive a notification when you receive an order through Floriday. This option can be selected in settings. Go to ‘Settings’ and then click ‘Notifications’. Click on the slider next to a new sales order. As soon as a new sales order is received, you will receive a notifications by the means set up by you (notification, e-mail or push notification).

Go to the Floriday dashboard. When a sales order has been created, and you received a notification about this, you can easily find this in the dashboard under the name ‘delivery orders that still have to be processed’.

Click on the delivery you would like to process, which will take you to the screens Fulfillment > Pending Delivery orders in Floriday. When you click on this, you will see detailed information about the delivery.

Handling multiple deliveries in one go

It is now possible to process several direct deliveries at once. In the screen for processing the delivery, you can click on "Other orders" under "Unclassified batches". You will only see lots from deliveries that match the location and customer. You can then allocate these batches to trolleys and process the delivery.

You can, if you’d like, adjust the configuration of the trolley in this screen. This is done by clicking on the three dots, and then clicking on edit. If you would like to change the order, you can click on the two stripes on the left side and change the order.

You can also fulfill a delivery without load carriers. You do this by removing the load carriers in one go.

In addition, you can also adjust the distribution format in the pending delivery. In your settings, the option ‘outside of logistics’ will automatically be selected. If you would like to change this, or if this is different for you, you can adjust this in your personal preferences, or you can adjust it per individual delivery.

As the owner, you also have the option to edit packaging. You do not have to select this, this is mainly done for the international growers (agents) when the packaging has to be settled by another grower. You can easily adjust and submit this in this component.

If you completed these steps, the delivery has now been checked and almost ready for fulfillment. First, you can check the delivery note, by clicking on the delivery note button. If everything is in order, you can print the delivery note or close it.

If everything is in order, click on save and complete. You will now see from the status if the delivery is being processed. You can print the delivery note, furthermore, it will also be send to the auction.

If you then go to the sales order, you can see in the overview if any orders have been placed. In the overview, you can also find information with regards to this order. The icons will tell you if the order has been confirmed, if the delivery is still open, which service provider will settle the order and if the payment has been made.

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