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Activate My Shop

You have to activate your shop to make it visible to buyers.

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On this page, we discuss the following item:

  • Activate My Shop

At the bottom left of the menu is a My Shop button. Click on this to go to the page where the shop can be activated.

A checklist is visible on the right with components that must be ready in Floriday before the shop can be activated. This step-by-step plan helps with the design of the shop and ensures that buyers do not browse empty shops. When all steps have been completed, the shop can be activated.

Supply visible in My Shop

Once the shop has been activated, all the created supply is immediately visible to buyers. This means that all buyers who have been added to a price group for which supply has been created will see the supply at List prices or Batch prices. In addition, all created offers & purchasing tips are visible to the selected buyers. You can manage the order of the collections in the catalog yourself, by dragging them.

My Shop statistics

Statistics are kept once the shop has been activated. This way you can see how often the shop has been visited and by which buyers. You can also see the times at which buyers visit your shop. You can make good use of this information by, for example, sending an offer just before a buyer visits the shop.

Preview My Shop

You can also see a preview of your own shop.

Select on behalf of which buyer you want to see your shop.

After selecting the buyer, you will see the supply that this buyer sees in your shop.

Showcase your shop to buyers

A showcased shop attracts more visitors, so showcase your shop to buyers. There are several ways to do so.

  1. Share your shop's link with buyers
    You will find the link of your own shop under Marketing. You can add this link to your e-mail signature, for instance, or forward the link via WhatsApp or a newsletter.

  2. Share your shop's link with buyers
    With this link you can send buyers to the Supply Explorer. This is the place where buyers can view your entire assortment. Buyers can not only find your supply here, but are able to view your entire Catalog as well.

  3. Invite buyers
    In addition to the My Shop link, you can also send buyers an invitation. If the buyers do not yet have a Floriday account, instructions will be sent with which the buyer can easily create an account. The email also contains a link to your shop.

Trade settings

Do you want to close your shop on Sunday in Floriday? This can be managed through trade settings by the main user in Floriday. Go to Network > Network > Trade settings and set this up for your organisation. Read all about trade settings here.

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