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Here you can read how to invite colleagues to Floriday, and how to grant them rights

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You and your entire company can work in Floriday. If you are active in Floriday with several colleagues, you most likely want to grant rights. This way, you decide which colleague can access which part of Floriday. In this article, we therefore explain how to invite new colleagues to Floriday and how to grant specific rights to those colleagues.

The following steps are discussed on this page:

Inviting colleagues

Click on your company name at the top right and then on Settings.

Now click on the tab Colleagues and Use. Here you can see the current overview of colleagues who are active in your Floriday account. Bear in mind that only the primary user of an account can invite other colleagues and grant rights. You can recognise the primary user by the label in green.

If no primary account is available, please contact the Floriday support team. They can ensure that one of the colleagues present becomes the primary account.

In this case, Ted is the primary account and can invite colleagues. You can see this by the green Invite a colleague button on the right. Click on this button and then enter the email address and name of your colleague. Then click on Send invite.

An e-mail will then be sent to the e-mail address entered. This contains a link with which the new colleague can activate their user account in Floriday. Once the user has been activated, as the primary account you can grant rights to that colleague. Primary accounts already have access to everything by default, so you cannot set rights for this.

Granting permissions

Once you have invited colleagues, you can hand out rights as the primary account. This means that you can decide for yourself which colleague is allowed to work in which Floriday component.

You do this on the screen Colleagues and Use. Click on the three dots to the right of the colleague and then on Permissions.

On the next page you can check or uncheck where the colleague is allowed to work in Floriday. To do so, simply click on one of the components and check or uncheck the box. You do not have to save the changes, these are saved automatically.

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