When using Floriday, you can choose to receive notifications of various events, such as new orders, new network connections or when your stock is running low.

How do you configure notifications in Floriday?

  • On the right hand side, click on your company name, followed by Settings.
  • At the top, click on Notifications.
  • In here you can choose 3 types of notifications; by clicking on the slider below it you can enable or disable the corresponding notification type.Notifications: this type of notification will inform you by using the alarm bell at the top right of Floriday. When there are new notifications, a number will show next to the alarm bell.E-mail: Choose this method to receive notifications by e-mail.Push notifications: This allows you to receive push notifications in your browser or on your phone.

  • Take note that the push notifications you configure this way are restricted to the device you're using. This means that, when you edit the push notifications on your computer, these notifications will only apply to your computer. If you wish to receive push notifications on your smartphone as well, you will need to configure the notifications in there as well.

  • Don't forget to give permission to receive notifications (both on your computer and your smartphone). You can do this at the bottom of the screen and when prompted by your browser.Take note: Push notifications currently do not work on iOS devices.

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