In this article, we will show you how to adjust your notification settings. You can choose for each user to receive notifications in the program, in your mailbox and as push notification. You can receive these push notifications on a computer as well as on an Android phone.

The Floriday dashboard displays the important notifications that require an action, such as completing a clock delivery or classifying a customer in a price group.

How do you set up notifications in Floriday?

Click on the three dots at the top right. Then go to 'Settings' in the menu.

Now click on 'notifications' at the top of the screen. Use the sliders to set for which events you want to receive notifications. (e.g. for a new order)

Don't forget to consent to receiving push notifications (both on your desktop and phone).

Go to settings> notifications and connect your phone. You have to do this by phone / device.

Note: the push notification does not currently work on iOS devices. You can choose to turn on e-mail notifications in this case, when notifications are shown on the mobile phone.

You can do a test with the push notification. If it does not arrive, it may be because your phone does not allow the notifications. In that case, you should check your settings on your phone. This differs per phone.

In general, you get there via these steps: On your phone, go to settings > apps > find Floriday > allow notifications

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