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Choose which notifications you want to receive where and stay informed of the most important developments in your Floriday

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In this article, we will show you how to edit your notification settings. Notifications can be sent for new events that happen in Floriday, such as new sales orders, new supply requests or a failed clock letter.

You can choose to either receive notifications in Floriday, by email and as push notifications. Push notifications can be used on both a computer as well as on a smartphone (iOS devices excluded at the moment).

In addition, you can set the level at which the notification is sent. This can be at organisation level or on actions you have performed yourself.

The Floriday Dashboard displays the most important notifications that require action, such as completing a clock delivery or adding a customer to a price group.

How do you set up notifications in Floriday?

Click on the three dots at the top right. Then go to 'Settings' in the menu.

Now click on 'Notifications' at the top of the screen. Use the sliders to set for which events you would like to receive notifications. Here you can also search and filter by notification type. The types differentiate between all, platform or apps.

Take note that Notifications need to be activated per device. This is primarily important when using push notifications. If you activate push notifications while on your computer, this will not activate push notifications on your smartphone as well. You will need to activate push notifications separately on your smartphone if you want to receive them on that device.

Email notifications are sent to the email adress configured in Settings > Account. It doesn't matter if you activate email notifications on your computer or on your smartphone, only one email notification will be sent. You can then open the email on either your computer or your smartphone.

Note: Push notification currently do not work on iOS devices. We recommend to activate e-mail notifications in stead, when notifications are shown on the mobile phone.

At the bottom of the page you can test the push notifications. If it does not pop up on your smartphone, it may be because you need to allow notifications from Floriday first. In that case, you should check your settings on your phone. This differs per phone.

In general, you get there via these steps: On your phone, go to settings > apps > find Floriday > allow notifications.

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