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Getting started with the catalog
Getting started with the catalog

All the ins- and outs out of the catalog.

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Welcome to the explainer page for getting started with the catalog in Floriday.

In this section, we explain how to fill up your catalog quickly and easily. This is important because the catalog is the basis for everything you do in Floriday. The items you add to the catalog will be saved here. You can use the items in the other Floriday sections, for example when creating a clock delivery or when supplying products directly.

The most important thing is that you fill the catalog with items, but besides showcasing your products, Floriday also offers many extra options in the catalog. Please note that the extra options in the catalog are optional, so you do not have to use these.

In the Floriday catalog, you can use the following components:


Trade items (fill the catalog with items)

Extra options

For each section in the catalog, we have prepared a step-by-step explanation. Click on one of the sections to go to the step-by-step explanation.

Or follow the webinar Setting up a catalogue:

Good luck designing your catalog in Floriday!

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