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Additional services

Add labels, sleeves and treatments

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Additional services are services you can add in Floriday. Buyers can add these services to items they order from you. For example, a buyer can order a plant or flower and choose a sleeve for it through additional services. At the moment, only a small number of buyers are able to manage additional services properly, but we are in the process of expanding this among buyers.

How does it work?

In the Floriday menu, go to Catalog on the left and choose the tab: 'Additional services'.

You will now be taken to this screen, where on the left you have the different kind of additional services from which you would like to add:

Choose which additional service you want to add: for example, a sleeve. At the left click on Sleeves and click Create. A pop-up will now appear in which you can fill in the sleeve specifications. Fill in everything and click 'Save'.

When setting a price, you can specify whether it is per piece, per package, per layer or per load carrier.

Add even more additional services such as treatments, labels and other services, and let your buyers know that they can make use of additional services through Floriday.

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