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Custom packages

Create custom packages that deviate from the VBN packaging code list

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In Floriday, it is possible to add custom packages. An example of a custom package is a box with your own logo on it. Specify custom packages so that you can also add these to your items in the catalog, so buyers can easily order your products in a custom package.

Explanation on this page:

Add Custom packages

Go to Catalog > Custom packages and click on the button: 'Create Packaging'.

Enter the necessary information.

  • Think of your own package code that will allow you to easily identify which packaging unit it is later on.

  • Give the package unit a corresponding name.

  • Provide a description of the product (optional)

  • Add an image of the custom package.

  • Enter a fall-back package code. This package code is intended for use with systems that cannot recognise a packaging unit by its 'custom package code'.

Fill in all the details such as the container length, width, height and weight and then click on 'Save'. This information is important for your buyer!

You have now created a custom package. You can now add this custom package as a packing configuration to your items in the catalog.

Add custom packages as a packing configuration for an item

In order to supply buyers with a custom package, you have to add the packaging unit to your items as a packing configuration. You can add the packaging unit when you create a new item (in the step: packing configurations), you can edit an item and add a packing configuration. Or you can select multiple items and add the packing configuration.

Edit an item and add a packing configuration

Choose the item to which you wish to add the packing configuration, click on the 3 dots next to the item and click on edit.

Scroll down until you see the 'packing configuration' step, and click it open.

Click on the '+ add packing configuration' button.

Adding a packing configuration to multiple items

Go to the load management in the catalogue environment.

Select the items to which you want to add the load using the checkboxes.

Then click on add load, select the desired (own) container and click on save.

Adding a custom package as packing configuration

Once you have clicked on 'Add packing configuration', you will see a pop-up on your screen that will allow you to add a packing configuration.

  • Select 'Custom package' here

  • Select the custom package

  • Fill in the specifications (number of layers, packaging units and pieces)

  • Click on 'Save'

The packing configuration has now been added to the item. Buyers can now select this packing configuration when placing an order.

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