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Decorative pots

Link your decorative pots to your items so that buyers can also see what variations are possible.

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In the Floriday catalog you can add decorative pots. These decorative pots can be linked to items, so buyers can see which variations are possible.

Add Decorative pots

Go to Catalog > Decorative pots and click on the button: 'Create a Decorative pot'

Give the decorative pot a name and add a picture of the pot.

Indicate with which base items and underlying items you can combine this pot. Click on the button: '+ Add combination' and choose the base items that can be combined with the pot.

Save the decorative pot with the yellow Save button.

You have now added a decorative pot to the Floriday catalog and linked it to one or more base items that are in turn linked to items. You can repeat these steps to add more decorative pots. The range of compatible decorative pots to go with the items will be shown to buyers in Floriday.

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