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Create a growth schedule and pair decorative pots to base items

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In Floriday you can add base items. By adding base items and indicating when these are available, you can create a growth schedule within Floriday. You can then link items to base items and use this function to work with decorative pots within Floriday.

Explanation on this page:

Creating Base items and growth schedules

Go to Catalog > Base Items and click on the yellow button: 'Create Base item'.

Fill in the name of the base item and add an image.

You can find the availability of the base item here: You can choose year-round or a specific period. For specific period, you can select the weeks in which the base item is available. This allows you to create the growth schedule for the base item.

Click on 'Save'. You have now created a base item, you can repeat this for all the base items you have in your range. When your base items are complete you can take a look at the growth schedule. The growth schedule can be found in Floriday under Supply > Stock > Growth schedule. The growth schedule can also be viewed on your company's public profile page.

Linking Base items to items

In order to make use of the decorative pot function within Floriday, it is important that you first link your base items to the correct items in the catalog.

Go to Catalog > Trade Items


When you hover your mouse over an item, a checkbox will appear in the top left corner; click on this (in the item list display, the check box is located to the left of the item). Select all the items you wish to add to a base item using the checkboxes.

After selecting an item, a yellow bar appears at the bottom of the screen. In this bar, click Quick setup > Add base item.

Choose the right base item and click 'save'.

You have now linked the items to the base item. Because the items and the base item are now linked, you can also make use of the function for decorative pots within Floriday. How to work with decorative pots is explained on the help center page about decorative pots.

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