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Read more about the network you have built with your customers here

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The Network section is very important in Floriday. This is the section where you can see which buyers you have a connection with. From the network you can use connection requests to make connections with buyers you want to do business with. You can also manage your trade settings in the network. Want to know more about trading institutions? Read more here.

The following sections are explained on this page:

Buyers in your network

Below we explain step by step how the network works in Floriday and how to make connections with buyers.

Go to the Floriday platform and from the menu, go to Network > Network > Customers in your network to see which buyers are in your network. Here you'll see a list of buyers who are in your network, including the number of items selected and what settlement options they have. You can also use the search bar to search among your connections.

Creating or editing a tag for customers

It is possible to create a Tag (label) for a specific group of customers in Floriday in this screen. By selecting customers and saving them as a tag, you can easily add them as a group when you select customers. You can use these tags when creating an offer, purchase tip or price group, for example.

Clicking on a customer will give you more information about the customer. First, you will see general information about the company and any timeline updates. Next, you can see contacts, trade settings, delivery locations and selected trade items.

In the selected range, you can see which items this customer has selected. A buyer can also specify that you may select items for him. When the customer has set up that you may do this, the Add Items button lights up.

Do you want to inform the customer on how they can give permission to select items? The article on the Buyer Help Centre explains this. Under the trade setting Manage selected range, they can manage this by grower.

Add customers to your Network

By going to Network > Network > All customers you will see a list of all customers/buyers that can be found on Floriday.

At the top of the page, you will see suggestions of interesting trading partners for your business. Buyers have the option to go through a series of steps in which they specify their delivery location, segments and trade options. If this matches your profile on Floriday, a buyer will appear among these suggestions. You can send these suggestions a connection request. You do this by opening the customer and clicking on Connection request.

When a buyer accepts the connection, you have a connection and when you work with this, you can immediately place the buyer in a price group.

Classifying customers into price groups

When a buyer forms a connection with you, you will receive notification of this in your Dashboard in Floriday in the form of a task.

When you click on the task, you enter the Price Groups. Here you will see a message at the top of the screen saying that there are still customers you can assign to a price group.

By clicking on Classify customers, you can add customers directly to an existing price group. This customer can then immediately see your offer and the corresponding prices of the price group.

You can also ignore customers and the connection request they sent. This will remove the notification that customers should be assigned to a price group. You can ignore customers by clicking on the icon below.

The ignored suggestion (customer) can be found under Offer > Direct sales > Price groups. By clicking the Ignored suggestions icon, you can also reset the suggestion and still assign it to a price group.

You can also set to receive an e-mail when you have a new customer in your network. You set this and other notifications in Settings > Notifications.

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