Creating tags for customers

Learn how to easily create tags for customers and where to deploy them in this article.

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It is possible to tag customers in Floriday. By selecting customers and saving them as a tag, you can easily add them as a group when selecting customers. You can use these tags when creating an offer, purchasing tip or price group.

How do you create a tag for customers?

Go to Network > Network and click on the tag icon.

In this screen you can add a tag or change an existing tag by clicking on the three dots.

Where can you use a tag?

Adding customer tags can be done at:

  • Offer

  • Buying tip

  • Price groups

At the moment you click on 'add customer' a screen appears where you can choose the customers. Here you can also choose to add a tag.

Also while adding customers using a customer tag you can make changes or save as a new tag.

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