Are you a cut flower grower or do you not make use of the Catalog prices in Floriday? Then this page is irrelevant to you. Building a network is only necessary if you use catalog prices (also known as weekly lists).

Customers who have linked to you as a grower are part of your network. By making a connection, they let you know that they want to view and order from your weekly list supply.

If you make use of the weekly lists, you probably already have a range of customers in your network.

The following topics are explained on this page:

Viewing the Network

In Floriday, go to Match & Connect > Network on the left to see which customers are in your network. Here you will see an overview of customers who are in your network, including the number of trade items they have chosen from your range.

Click on a customer for more information about the customer, their recent orders and the View Chosen trade items button. With this button you can see at a glance which trade items the customer has selected.

Add customers to your Network

If a customer connects to you, you will automatically receive a message about this in your Dashboard.

You can also set it up so that you receive an email when you have a new customer in your network. You can set this and other notifications on the Notifications page.

Click the notification in the Dashboard (or in the email) to add the customer directly to an existing price group. This customer will then immediately be able to see your supply and the corresponding prices of the price group.

More information

  • Want more customers in your network? Then make sure your company and your products stand out by making your public profile page as attractive as possible. Read how in the Profile page article.
  • If you would like to know more about the weekly lists, read the article, Catalog Prices, the basics.
  • For more information about price groups, see the Price groups article.
  • Read more about setting Floriday notifications on this page.
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