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Hardware on Floriday
Hardware on Floriday

This article describes what hardware is and how to use it on Floriday.

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In addition to flowers and plants, more and more hardware is becoming available on Floriday. Hardware comprises products complementary to flowers and plants, such as pots, vases, buckets and baskets, as well as decoration. The supply of hardware is established through 333 VBN codes.

We have added hardware alongside flowers and plants as a product category on Floriday and increased its visibility. As a result, the supply can be easily found by buyers in the Explorer. List your hardware supply on Floriday and be part of this growth.

This page explains the following:

What is hardware?

Hardware is sometimes described as 'pots and pans'. This name sells the category short, as it covers a large diverse group of trade items; flower pots, vases, buckets, baskets, decoration, wreaths, lanterns, rope, (animal) figures, glass, etc. With a growing range of hardware products and the new application potential on the platform, we are continuing to innovate for the industry.

How to list my hardware on Floriday

Like flowers and plants, hardware can be offered as a trade item and then as a supply through Floriday. To sell hardware, the first step here too is to list it as a trade item in your catalog. To list hardware on Floriday, please refer to listing trade items in the catalog.

VBN codes for hardware

VBN codes are retrieved in Floriday from Floricode. Together with all parties in the floriculture sector, Floricode provides registration and coding of floriculture products and the development, management and application of standard messages. Using VBN codes helps you exchange information more easily. For hardware, there are 333 VBN codes available.Retrieve a specific hardware code through

Categorising hardware into collections

It is possible to categorise hardware trade items into collections. This can be done in the Catalog > Collections. This way, you'll create a better overview for yourself, your colleagues and the buyers who buy through direct purchasing on Floriday.

In the catalog and in direct purchasing, you can filter by collections. Here you can enter the price for an entire collection. Buyers will see your collections listed in the Explorer and when purchasing directly on Floriday. This page will be clearer for them if you categorise your products into collections. Read how to create Collections here.

Adjusting VBN codes

Do you have hardware in your catalogue in category 'other'? Put it in the right VBN category to help customers find your trade item. Go to Catalogue > click on the three dots next to the trade item you want to edit and select Edit. Select the VBN code you want to enter and click Save.

Please note that modifying VBN codes is permitted, modifying article codes is not.

Highlight your hardware

Do you want to let customers know that you offer hardware? Then make sure your items are listed with the correct VBN codes and features in your catalog. That way they will be easy for your buyers to find. In addition, you also have the option to share it on buyers' timelines.

Or create an offer and share it on buyers' timelines from your network or with all buyers. Read how to do that here. Or share the trade item through a link or QR code through email or WhatsApp.

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