You can post a new update on the buyer’s timeline via Floriday’s dashboard. When a buyer logs in to Floriday, he/she will immediately see the timeline on his/her dashboard.

In order to share an update your profile must be visible. Go to your account settings to indicate this.

You can post 2 types of messages:

  • Network messages: Updates, news and other messages

  • Recommendations: Trade items you wish to draw extra attention to

How does it work?

Go to Floriday’s dashboard and click on the ‘New update’ icon.

You can enter the update in the open field.

If it concerns a product recommendation, you can add a trade item from your catalog to the message.

It is also possible to insert a YouTube video by copying the URL into the text box.

In addition, you can format the text by adding **bold** and *italic* text.

Once the update is ready for publication, click on ‘Post’. The message is shared with all the buyers from your network.

You can post a maximum of 3 text messages and 3 trade item messages per day.

Buyers can also send timeline updates to their connections, as with the grower side there is a limit of three updates per day. Don't want to receive this from buyers? Then you can turn this off in your settings

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