Floriday's support department is ready to answer your questions. They're happy to help! To make sure Floriday's support department can help you quickly with these questions, sreenshots of your customer are very helpful. This saves a lot of time and research! Besides that, it's always handy to let them know which buyer it's about, the article codes and which period. Support will be happy to sort it out for you! However, you can also check the cause of the problem yourself. We list the possible scenarios here for you!

Why doesn't my buyer see my offer?

1: You haven't assigned the buyer to a price group (yet). If you add the buyer to a price group, he will immediately see the offer that is online. Read more about price groups in this article >

2: The buyer has not (yet) added your item to the weekly list. He or she can add your item to the weekly list via FX, which will allow him to see the offer and to order based on it.

3: It is also possible that the buyer is still working with installment lists in FX. Through term lists, you can offer your supply specifically to a buyer for a longer period of time. Termlists are made based on the regular offer periods. You can fill the term list in FX or make an offer in Floriday for the buyer. Read more about different types of direct trades >

4: It is possible that you have added the wrong buyer number to the price group. This is easy to solve! Add the correct buyer number to the price group. Some buyers have multiple numbers; selecting "affiliation" makes your list more manageable. Read more about price groups in this article >

5: It is possible that the buyer is still working with quote links. This needs to be checked behind the scenes and we would like to help you with this. Please contact us via chat, phone or mail.

6: Is the buyer still not seeing the offer? Then the buyer may not yet be in your network. The buyer can add you to his network via Floriday or FloraXchange. As a grower, you can invite a buyer to your network through FX. Read more about network and adding connections in this article >

7: Have you created customer-specific articles for this customer? Attention: these articles need to be entered in another tab at the catalogue prices (button with 1 figure on a clipboard). Read more about customer-specific offerings in this article >

8: If you haven't filled in numbers and basic price, the buyer won't see the offer. Fill this in! If these parts are not filled in, there is no offer that Floriday can forward to the customer.

9: It can happen that the customer orders on a location, for example Honselersdijk. If you haven't added this delivery location to your delivery terms, he won't see the offer. You can easily arrange this via delivery conditions > add delivery conditions (possibly customer-specific) for this delivery location. Read more about setting delivery terms in this article

To check, you can take a look in Your Shop on behalf of the buyer. This allows you to see what offers are visible to buyers. Go to My shop > view shop > choose customer > and you can see what your customer sees.

Haven't activated your shop yet? Read more about My shop in this article >

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