You can spread your supply across various sales channels via Floriday, allowing customers to order your supply via those channels. Naturally, customers want to know when they can expect the products they have ordered. That is why it is important to correctly set your delivery conditions in Floriday.

How do I set my delivery conditions?

  1. Go to Supply > Direct sales > Delivery conditions.
  2. Click ‘Add’ and give the conditions a name.
  3. Choose whether these conditions apply to all customers or only to a specific group, and choose the channels to which these conditions apply.
  4. For customer-specific conditions: Select the correct customers.
  5. Click ‘Add delivery locations’ and select the locations that you deliver to (provided that these locations have the same conditions).
  6. Now choose whether you want to compose your own conditions or use the most common delivery day set (you can adjust this set yourself) and select the correct settings.
  7. Click ‘Save’ in the top right corner to save your delivery conditions.
  8. For delivery locations with different conditions: Add an extra delivery location.

Tip: Do you have delivery locations with different conditions? Create an additional condition set by clicking ‘Add delivery locations’.

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