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The basics of Batch prices
The basics of Batch prices

Offer products in your shop

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In Floriday, you can easily create batches and subsequently offer them to your buyers on Floriday. Group your customers into price groups once, and save yourself the trouble of filling in individual prices for each buyer. Simply enter the basic price per batch, and let Floriday do the rest.

The following component is explained on this page:

What do I have to set up once to get started?

  • You start by creating price groups. Go to the menu on the left and click Supply > Direct sales > Price groups. More information on how to create a price group can be found on this page.

  • Then set your delivery conditions once Go to Supply > Direct sales > Delivery conditions. More information on how to set delivery conditions can be found on this page.

I've set everything up, now what?

  • Now it’s time to create a batch, read how to go about it on this page. In summary:

  • Go to the menu on the left and click Supply > Stock to view your warehouses. Click on the correct warehouse, i.e. the location from which the batch is sold.

  • Click on ‘Create batch’ and add the trade items you want to offer.

I’ve created a number of batches, how do I offer them?

  • Go to Supply > Direct sales > Batch prices. Here you’ll see the batches that you’ve just created at the warehouse(s). You’ll also see the price groups that you have created.

  • Enter the base prices for the items. You can see that the price groups automatically calculate the correct price for the groups of customers. Have you chosen to manually enter the prices for your price group? Don’t forget to enter the price for this price group(s) in addition to the base price.

  • Tip: You can adjust the prices for multiple trade items simultaneously. Select the items that have the same prices using the check boxes (left). You can select ‘Set prices’ in the green bar at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click on ‘Save changes’ at the bottom of the screen. As soon as you save the prices, they are immediately passed on to your shop.

Shared stock

If you want to offer your product in different packaging units but have it counted as coming from the same stock,use the shared stock in the batch prices screen.

How does this work?

  • Create a batch as you are used to doing in Floriday (as mentioned earlier on this page).

  • Choose the product that you want to offer in a different way, this is now your basic item. Click on the three dots (menu) for this trade item and select ‘packing configurations offered’.

A pop-up will appear on your screen, where you choose which trade item you want to count as having been removed from one stock together with the basic item.

  • Select a packing configuration and a price and click on ‘save’.

  • You’ll now see another trade item behind the photo of the trade item, click on this to make the second trade item visible.

  • If one of the two items is ordered by a buyer, this is removed from the same stock.

  • If you provide and save the trade items a price, the option to offer them in a different way expires (with the green pluses disappearing). Therefore, first create the shared stock and only then save all prices.

First in, First out

If you create new batches on a daily basis, we can image you would like to sell your oldest batches before selling the newer batches. Floriday enables you to do this on the Batch prices page, on the condition that you only use the same trade item, the same warehouse location and without appearances.

To do so, check the boxes next to two or multiple similar batches. At the bottom of the page, Connect batches will light up. Click this button to connect the batches.

The batches will now be connected (which can be seen by the box icon next to the packing configuration).

Once a customer places an order on this particular connected batch, the older batches will always be chosen before the newer batches.

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