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Availability of your items and your offer
Availability of your items and your offer
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As a grower, you want your product range and related offers to be as easy as possible for your customers to find. To this end, make sure the expected availability of your items and your offers are complete and correct.

Expected availability

By entering the expected availability of your items, your items will be findable in the right season. Not only does this provide a better overview, but it inspires confidence in your customers. If, for example, you grow poinsettias and state that you expect to have them in the summer, this will not come across as very reliable.

For this reason, make sure to check the availability of your items if you haven't already done so. To do this, visit the catalog to find an overview of your items. If you have not yet entered the availability of items, we will display a message to that effect.

In the image above (click to enlarge), you can see that there are still 81 items in this Catalog, which cannot be found by customers. This means there are items, for which expected availability has not been specified.

To the right of this message, click "Show trade items". Floriday will then automatically filter on the items for which availability has not yet been specified. You have several options for filling in availability. You could do this, for example, by clicking on an item and editing it. At the bottom of the page, you will see the option to enter the expected availability.

A quicker way is to tick one or more items on the left-hand side. For the sake of convenience, we'll use the list view here, where you can select items more easily than in the tile view. This can be changed on the right-hand side of your catalogue.

Now when you select one or more items, a yellow bar will appear at the bottom of your screen. Here, click on "Quick actions", followed by "Set expected availability".

In the pop-up that appears next, the expected availability can be specified. Is the item available all year round? Then select "Year-round".

Is the item available in a select number of weeks? Then click on "Specific period". Click on the first week in which the items are available and then select the last week. This way, you will select several weeks at once.

By clicking on "Save", the entered expected availability is saved for all selected items.

The expected offer

While the expected availability of your items is very important, the availability of your offer is perhaps even more important. By filling in your offer properly, your customers will only see what is actually for sale. This not only builds confidence but also saves a lot of unnecessary telephone calls.

Below, a few features are explained to help you keep your offer on track.

Forward pricing (enter catalogue prices in advance)

Buyers find it increasingly important to be able to preview and, potentially, order future offerings. As such, they will increasingly ask you as a grower to provide your prices in advance. This is easy to do in Floriday through the 'Forward prices' function.

Read more about it on this page.

Counting down stock in Catalogue prices

Do you use Catalog prices? Then you can easily manage the availability of your offer with the so-called availability slider. That said, we understand that you may not always be at your computer to turn products on or off. The alternative would be to use Counting down Stock.

This allows you to count down the number of units you enter. If an order is placed on an item, the quantity will automatically decrease. If the product then runs out, this is displayed in real-time and no further orders can be placed. More information about this function can be found on this page.


In the Catalog prices and Batch prices in Floriday, we use price groups that often include multiple customers. If you only wish to make offers to some of your customers, the Offer function can accommodate this.

It allows you to create a separate offer entry for your items for one or more (or even all) customers. You can apply these offer entries based on the availability in the Catalogue prices, or have them counted down automatically. Read more about the Offer on this page.

Delivery conditions

To present your offer as effectively as possible in the market, it is also important to let people know where you deliver, what time you deliver and whether you will be charging transport costs.

With this in mind, make sure your delivery terms are in place. For example, you may have agreements with some customers whereby you do not charge them transport costs, but do other customers? In this case, create customer-specific delivery terms and use General Delivery Terms for the rest. More information on delivery locations, delivery times and transport costs can be found on this page.

Supply overview

Want to keep your offers up to date, but are losing the overview? We have created the Supply overview for this purpose. Here you can quickly locate all your offers by filtering according to item, offer type, customer and/or date. You can find the Supply overview in Offer > Direct Sales or via this direct link.

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