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Specify when orders may be placed on the supply.

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In Floriday, you can determine from when a buyer may order on future supply by setting the order period. The order period is a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 52 weeks. Depending on the number of weeks that you set here, the buyer can order on supply x number of weeks before the delivery period.

On this page, we will explain the following:

Setting up the order period

Depending on the order period currently set, a bar will appear on the screen from the week that the supply cannot yet be ordered by buyers. This will indicate the date from when it can be ordered.

For example: If you have set orders can be placed 2 weeks before the delivery date, you will see the notification of the order period in week 15 in the catalogue prices. If you have set the period to 3 weeks, this will show up in week 16.

Click on the gearwheel to change the order period.


If a buyer selects a period during which they cannot yet order, the prices will however be visible. In this case, the buyer can submit a request. As a grower, you can decide for yourself whether to accept the request. If you agree to a request, you create a customer-specific supply line that this buyer can then order from.


If you want to share long-term supply with a specific customer, you can create an offer for this buyer. This will give them the opportunity to order further in advance. By creating an offer, you can offer supply outside the order period.


When entering catalog prices, as a grower you work with the availability slider to turn items 'on' and 'off'. This is applicable for the current and coming week. Do you want the availability slider to be leading? Then set the order period to 1 week.


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