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How to easily accept or reject a request (or part of it)
How to easily accept or reject a request (or part of it)

[03-03-2022] March & connect > Requests

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In addition to buying from your supply on offer, buyers can also request, for example, a different price or packaging configuration. On this page, we will show you how to receive these requests and how to refuse and/or accept them per trade item.

Trade item request

Go to Match & connect > Requests. This is your request overview in Floriday, which shows the pending requests by default. You can also display accepted, rejected or all requests here.

The green tick shows that the request has been processed. You can also see how many trade items have been requested, how many have been offered and how many have been rejected.

Click on the pending request. You can see the trade items that are the subject of the request, the characteristics, the desired packaging configuration, the availability according to your own data, the purchasing unit, the number of packaging units, and the price.

You can offer or reject the request per line.


Click on the three dots on the right side of the line and click on Reject.

In order to let the buyer know this line is rejected, you will now need to give a reason for rejecting.

The red cross indicates that the trade item in question has been rejected.


If you are otherwise in agreement with the request, click on Offer.

The items you have just offered are being offered by way of an offer. If you click on the request again, you will also immediately see the link to the offer.

Conversely, the offer will also contain a link to the request. You can add some changes to the offer at a later date.

Packaging configuration request

A packaging configuration request works in the same way as the above procedure. If the packaging configuration is displayed in orange, it is a packaging configuration request.

You can accept, decline, or open the packaging configuration via the three dots. If you open the packaging configuration request, you can indicate that you want to add the customer-specific packaging configuration to your own catalog. This means that this packaging configuration is only available to the buyer in question. If you click on add, you will see that the changes have been saved. You can then submit the request again.

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