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Latest developments Week 49 2023 - Wishes week
Latest developments Week 49 2023 - Wishes week

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 49 2023 in this article.

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Improved searching by customer

When you search by a customer name and then tick the Active customers box, the search was previously cleared. This has now been improved.

​Timeline update for specific customers

It is now possible to share a timeline update only with specific customers. Click on the megaphone and choose Share with part of your network.

Phytosanitary registration number and plant passport

For plant growers, it is important to fill in the phytosanitary registration number and plant passport. Haven't filled it in yet? If so, from now on you will see a notification on the dashboard to give you extra notice.

Additional services screen

The additional services screen has been updated. You will now see a table per type, such as 'Treatments', with the services created. On the left side you can then switch between all types / services.


Reference in composite lists

When creating a batch, the reference entered for composite lists is now also remembered.

From logistic batch journal to transformed batch

From the logistic batch jornal you can now directly click through to the transformed batch. When you click on this you will return to the stock.

Filter by expired offers

In the Offers screen, an additional filter has been added that now lets you easily hide expired offers. You can find it at the filter icon in the search bar.

Extending offer

When an offer has expired, you can now easily renew it by again selecting a delivery time in the future. You do this by clicking open the offer and extending the period under 'Order'.

Filtering on specific customer in the stock planning screen

In the stock planning screen it is now also possible to filter on a specific customer.

Items in alphabetical order Direct bidding

When offering stock batches via Direct bidding, they are now shown in alphabetical order.

Locations Direct bidding displayed

In the overview of the offer for Direct bidding, it is now clearly displayed for which locations it is offered.

Clock presales margin withheld

When you use a price suggestion for your clock presales supply, you can set a margin. From now on, this will be remembered on the device you are working on. So you can easily make use of this margin again.

Sticker icon in sales order summary

In the sales order overview, thanks to an icon, you can now easily see whether a sticker has been added to the order. You can click here directly to go to the appropriate sticker order.

Incomplete settled sales orders

You can now filter on Invoiced incompletely in the sales order overview.

Sequence characteristics variants

Previously, the selection of variant features was sorted by code order. From now on, this will be displayed in order of importance based on Floricode recommented characteristics.

Number of pieces and casks on pick list

From now on, the number of pieces and packages will also be displayed on the print version of the pick list.

Print pick list more compactly

It sometimes happened that a pick list was printed on several A4s when it would also fit on 1 A4. A number of improvements have been made.

Show weekday on the clock delivery form

From now on, the weekday is also shown on the clock delivery form. It is shown in the same box as the date.

Display prices per piece on the Connect letter

It is now also possible to display prices per piece on the connect letter for direct orders. This is a setting found in Network > Trade settings. When you switch it on, every connect letter will show the price on every item line. You can also choose to turn this on for everyone, but use the customer-specific settings to turn it off for one or more buyers. Or turn it off for everyone and on for one or more buyers.

See example of a line of a letter with the price on it

Filtering by customer tags

You can now filter your customers in your network by the customer tags you have created.

Last selected trade items

In the network view, you can now see by customer when the last trade item selected was selected.

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