Bundled offers

Easily share a bundled offer with a buyer.

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With a bundled offer, you create offers for customers in a quick and easy way. With bundled offer, you set up items with a number of items that make up a bundle. Bundled offer have flexible validity and can be created for several customers at the same time. You can "dress up" the mix bundle a bit more by adding a good title, description and photo.

Please note! Bundled offers are only shown in the Shop with buyers, not in the Explorer.

In Floriday, go to Supply > Direct sales > Offers and click the green Create button.

Click on the pencil, next to the word mixbundle. Here you can manage the formatting.

Title, description and image

When creating a bundled offer, you can insert a photo, give a title, and enter a description. This allows you to make the customer offer even more attractive for a buyer, so that it’s immediately clear what you’re offering. And when you enter these details, the customer-specific bundled offer will automatically appear on the buyer's timeline. Once you have entered these details, click Save.

If you want to add a product picture as an image of the offer, you can first add the items to the offer. Once products have been added, the photos of these products will also appear as an option to choose as the picture of the bundled offer.

If you’ve made your profile information public, both colleagues and the customer to whom you are sending the special offer will immediately know it was you that sent the special offer. This makes working together easy, because any questions can be asked to you directly.

At the top right of the screen, you can immediately see the unique link to this image you can send to the buyer.

Order and delivery information

You can set the validity of the bundled offer by entering from when to when orders can be placed on this bundled offer. If applicable, you can set a different delivery time for the bundled offer. By setting the delivery period, you can create a special offer now, and deliver it later.

Customers, dispatch location and agreement

Then enter one or more customers for whom this bundled offer is valid, select a shipping location, and enter the reference. When you tick 'All customers', this bundled offer is offered to all buyers on Floriday (general offer). Once you create an bundled offer for one specific customer, you have the option to send the bundled offer specifically to a contact as well. However, to select the right contact, that person's profile must be set to public.

Delivery and stickering

  • Select Including delivery if the entered price includes shipping.

  • Select Including Stickers if the entered price includes stickers.

In the bottom right, click Add items.

Select the items you want in the bundled offer. Select the correct packing and click Confirm.

Now that you have added the items, you can enter the quantities. Using the checkboxes on the left, you can set the quantities and prices for the various items at once.

You enter the number of packages per bundle and then the price per piece. Then you enter the total number of bundles you have for sale.

So a buyer buys the entire bundle at once. For example, if you have 3 bundles and each package has 20 in the bundle, the buyer will buy 60 packages at once.

You can now offer the bundled offer by clicking on Save at the top right.

Sales orders

Once the buyer has placed the order on the bundled offer, you will see this in the Sales orders (Sales > Sales orders). In the Sales orders, you see the individual lines as indicated in the bundle.

Clicking on an order line opens the details screen. Here you can see which bundled offer is involved under Supply type. Clicking this also takes you to the actual bundled offer.

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