With Direct bidding, you can set the optimum price for your product and spend less time negotiating.

On this page, we will explain how it works step by step:

Putting your supply online

You can easily offer lots for Direct bidding from your stock in Floriday.

Go to Supply > Stock and select the stock location.

Select the lot that you want to offer and click on Direct bidding.

Select the delivery location. You can then enter the number of trolleys or layers and the asking price per unit here.

Once this has been completed to your satisfaction, click on Offer, after which this lot will be visible to buyers under Direct bidding. Buyers have until 12:00 to place a bid.

Want to share the offer directly with a buyer? Click the three dots and then click Share Offer.

Promote the offer

In Floriday, you can very easily draw attention to the offer you are offering in Direct Bidding on the buyer's timeline.

Go to Supply > Direct Bidding and click on the megaphone at the bottom of the page.

Place a text for the message and click Post.

In this way, you can make the buyer extra aware that a lot has been offered through Direct Bidding.

Accepting bids

Go to Supply > Direct bidding and view the bids that buyers have placed.

Next to each lot offered, you can see the bids made by buyers. The bids are listed in order of height and the colour indicates the extent to which the bid corresponds to the asking price. Bids can be made until 12:00 at the latest. As a grower, you have until 12:15 to accept a bid.

If the buyer bids the asking price, the bid is automatically accepted. If the buyer bids below the asking price, you can accept the bid by reducing the asking price to that price.

Click on the buyer's offer to reduce the asking price to that price. By clicking on Save, you accept the buyer’s bid.

Set up notifications

To be alerted to a placed bid or be reminded of open bids you can set up notifications.

Read more about notifications

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