This article was updated on 26-3

  • A new preference has been added that also allows you to set the customer reference at line level. This field is shown by default, but if you never use it you can turn it off.

  • A new preference has been added to leave properties empty by default when making a delivery. This preference is useful if you have products with very different characteristics.

  • It is now also possible to set the product specialist for several trade items at the same time. Select all trade items in the catalogue, and at the bottom select Quick set -> Set product specialist.

Update 19-3

  • When editing trade items, the photos are now also clickable, so you can see the larger photo when you click it.

  • Under stickers, you can select the sticker type for additional services. With this option, you can quickly indicate whether it is a packaging, pot or sleeve sticker, for example.

Update 26-3

  • You can now also view the enlarged photo in the tile overview of the catalogue by clicking the photo.

Catalogue prices

  • It is now also possible to take over empty fields from the previous week for catalogue prices.
    Example: You have completed the whole of week 12, but want to copy the data from week 11 and at the same time empty some fields. You can do this now by clicking the option "Empty fields (if applicable)" when copying

  • If you work with many trade items, and only want to see the changes, for example, it is now possible! You can filter on the status of the rows under catalogue prices. You can filter for changed, completed, or empty.

  • Under catalogue prices, you can now also filter for all trade item characteristics, such as pot size.

  • It is now also possible to copy offers and purchase tips.

  • It is now possible to make an offer based on a lot.

  • When creating an external stock, the shipment number has been renamed to reference.

Update 26-3

Catalog prices

  • From now on, you can view and set promotions and exceptions from the catalogue prices screen even more easily. The number to the right of the line indicates the number of promos or exceptions set. You can set a new promo or exception simply by clicking this.

Special offer

  • Lots from Deliveries from Stock can now also be used to create offers.

If call-offs are made outside the agreed margins of a contract, the buyer’s approval is required first. The grower will also receive a notification when creating the call-off order if he is working outside the bandwidth.

We have now also added automatic approval of standing orders as a setting when a contract is created. This can be switched on in the contracts overview via the three dots. This automatically turns standing orders from the buyer for this contract into sales orders, without the grower having to approve them.

Update 19-3

We have made it easier to search and select a contract. This is now done via a so-called "combo box". You can search for a contract or a customer, and then easily find your contract. You can use this from now on in the first step of creating a call-off order.

Sales orders

The letter numbers are now shown in the CSV when exporting sales orders.

Standing orders

When creating a call-off order, the next delivery times are now displayed under the delivery time input. This means you can easily choose a delivery time based on the delivery conditions.

Update 26-3

Sales orders

  • The customer reference is now also included in the sales orders CSV.


  • Under contracts, you can now use additional load carrier options. For example, it is possible to choose a watering container with the packaging configuration.

  • When completing a draft delivery, it is now possible to pick up other orders, so several orders can be completed at once.

  • It is now possible to select other locations of a buyer when creating a direct delivery. By default, the branches are shown, but now the other locations can be selected.

Update 19-3

  • A new user-specific preference has been added for leaving the number of items per container empty when creating a clock delivery.

  • New! From now on, you can also add your Instagram name and a link to your website. To do so, go to the profile settings under the marketing heading.

  • You can now sort requests for quotes in the network section by request date; we have added an extra column for this.

  • In the requests for quotes overview, you can now filter according to the status of the requests.

Update 19-3

  • You can now also enter settings per request in order to use the availability from catalogue prices. This can be done with a slider when opening the application.

Update 26-3


  • It is now possible to refuse requests for quotes from the customer.

  • In addition, you can now enter 0 as the number of items when processing a request, so that you do not offer a line. However, the price remains mandatory.

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