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How do I operate a Danish trolley pool?
How do I operate a Danish trolley pool?

In order to keep track of balances of Danish trolleys, it is important to select the correct load carrier for transport.

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Pooling is the shared use of load carriers. There are two different types of pool in the floriculture industry:

  • CC Pool: These are so-called ‘Danish containers’ with a CC lock. Thanks to the RFID technology, the balance and stock data can be closely monitored.

  • DC Pool: These are Danish containers without a CC lock. In practice, it often happens that buyers make containers available, on which the supply can be delivered.

When keeping track of the balances, it is important to know on which container the products will be transported. You can change the load carrier when fulfilling the delivery.

Floriday assumes as standard that use will be made of a CC, which is indicated with the name ‘Danish container’ in Floriday. If you want to indicate that the products will be transported on a DC, you should select the option Danish container (without tag).

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