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Deliverylist and picklist
Deliverylist and picklist

Download or print your delivery list and pick list from Floriday.

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You can download or print your deliverylist (a quick picklist) or a full picklist from Floriday, to allow you to easily see which products have to be packed when you are in the shed or garden.

The following steps are discussed on this page:

The deliverylist (quick picklist)

You can download the delivery list from Floriday. In Floriday, go to Sales > Sales orders. On the far right of the screen, you can find 3 dots. Click on these 3 dots, and you can download a .CSV file with all sales orders (this can be opened in Excel), or you can download a quick picklist (deliverylist).

You can use the filter at the top of the sales order screen to easily filter by customer, so that you only see the orders for that particular customer in the sales order overview and can download them as a picklist.
Apart from that, you can filter the list in many ways to get a download as you wish.

The picklist

You can print a picklist from Floriday. In Floriday, go to Fulfillment > Preparation. Here you find a lijst of Pickorders. From this page, you can print a Picklist.

Read more about this picklist here.

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