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Use the Picklist to pick orders for different warehouses or different customers

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There is now a new version of the Picklist available where there is also room for transforming orders and you can mark picked orders.

You can use the picklist so that you can easily see what batches need to be packed for certain customers or certain delivery moments.

On this page we explain the following functions:

The picklist

There is now a picklist available with more possibilities in comparising to the "old" picklist in the pending fulfillment orders. The new picklist, you can find under Fulfillment > Preparation.

When clicking on Fulfillment > Preparation you will find a list of orders to be picked. In this overview, you can mark picked orders. When an additional service is selected by the buyer, you will see this under the orderline of the batch. Next to confirm picking and printing a picklist, you can also transform orders under Fulfillment > Preparation. Also Inbound orders and Statistics can be found here.

Picking batches per orderline

Via Fulfillment > Preparation > Picklist orders you can confirm an orderline if these articles are picked. When the batch is collected, click on the button "Confirmation". Using the round arrow back, you can undo the confirmation of the picked order.

Sorting batches

Using the icons on top of the screen, you can sort the batches. Using the icon of the load carrier you can sort the batches to the time you need to deliver to certain regions.

Using the icon of the flower, you can group batches by trade item per order.

Filtering batches

Using the icon of the funnel, the batches can be filtered. You can choose if you want recently picked orders or fulfilled orders to be shown or not. In this way, you can print a piclist without the already picked orders. Also, when working with different warehouses, you can make a selection here. Also filtering on a certain customer is possible.

Printing the picklist

Using the button "Print Picklist", The picklist is being shown and can be printed.

Printing Stickers

Using the button "Print stickers" you can print the stickers by batch.

In the pop-up screen, you can choose if you want the stickers per batch or per package.

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