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Access to external warehouse

Grant access to the location as the owner of the central warehouse.

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The owner of the central warehouse sets which suppliers are allowed to deliver to his warehouse.

N.B. Don't have a warehouse? Request a warehouse from Royal FloraHolland. Read more about the adding a warehouse.

On this page, the following section is explained:

Granting access to an external warehouse

Go to Supply > Stock and click Edit to grant one or more suppliers access to your own warehouse.

Go to Access and click Change Organisation. Set which suppliers can access this warehouse.

Select the organisations that are allowed to deliver to this location. The selected organisations will receive an additional delivery address when making delivery orders. Select the organisation and click Confirm.

Save the changes by clicking Save.

The supplier who has gained access to a central warehouse has now been granted an extra delivery location. Read more about delivering to a shared warehouse.

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