Would you like up-to-date photos of your auction clock batches every day? Easily take live batch photos with your smartphone or tablet, link them directly to your clock letters and the photos will be displayed on the clock.

You can add a current photo to your clock letter both during and after creating clock letters. It does not matter whether you already have the photos on your computer or prefer to use your smartphone. Below you can read the different ways to add batch photos to your clock letter.

The following are discussed on this page:

Add batch photos while creating the clock letter

When creating your clock letter, choose the items you want to auction. Once you have confirmed your selection, you can enter the number of packaging units. You can then also adjust the batch and close-up photo on the clock front.

On the left you can see the photo that is used by default with the trade item. You can change this standard photo by editing the trade item in your catalog.

Now click on the arrow next to the photo to choose a different photo while making your clock letter. You can also click on Add Batch Photo here to add a photo directly from your computer.

To the right of it is another box with a camera. You can use this box to include a close-up photo. When you do this, the close-up photo in the lower right corner will be added to the batch photo.

When you create a clock letter with your smartphone and click the Add batch photo button here, your smartphone’s camera will open. This way you can immediately add up-to-date photos to your clock letter.

Add batch photos after creating the clock letter

If you'd rather make your clock letters first and then change the batch photos, that's of course also possible. In that case, go to Supply > Batch photos in Floriday.

As you can see, you can choose a letter yourself on the right, or scan the QR code on your delivery form. As soon as you have selected or scanned a letter, the delivery forms will be displayed in an overview on this page. Subsequently click on a delivery form to adjust the batch photos of the associated batches.

Adjusting a photo in this way will replace the photo you took while creating your clock letter.

Adding photos in advance

It is also possible to prepare photos in Floriday in advance. You can do so in Floriday by going to Supply > Batch photos > Settings. Upload photos here for later use. Then when you use the Batch Photo function to add photos afterwards, you can also choose photos from your Floriday gallery.


  • If you supply products that are still budding or in the raw development stage, then a close-up photo is required (This applies to: Lily, Alstroemeria, Freesia, Narcissus, Hyacinth, Peony, Amaryllis, Nerine, Iris, Gladiolus and Tulip.)
  • Add your logo. You can do so in Floriday by going to Supply > Batch photos > Settings. Add your logo here. From now on, the logo will automatically be placed in the left corner of batch photos that you create in Floriday.

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