Would you like up-to-date photos of your auction lots every day? You can easily take live pictures with your smartphone or tablet, link them directly to your Electronic Delivery forms and the pictures will be shown on the clock.

Wondering how it works?

Once you have created your delivery forms, you can use the lot photo function in Floriday to directly add a live photo to them. Scan the QR code on the delivery form (EAB) and use your smartphone to take a picture of the tray of flowers or plants that is ready for auction. The photos can also contain a detail photo and a logo. This photo is automatically added to your EAB and displayed on the auction clock. 

Get started in 6 steps!

Please note!
If you use the lot photo function, it is important that you always link a standard photo to your Electronic Delivery form. This photo serves as a back up and ensures that the lots will not be refused before they are registered on the auction clock. 

  1. On your mobile phone, go to app.floriday.io and log in with your username and password
  2. From the menu, open Supply > Batch photos
  3. Click on the green plus sign to get started. Start by scanning the QR code. Aim your camera at the QR code on the delivery form and scan it with your smartphone.
  4. Floriday will recognize which batches have been linked to this delivery form, so that you immediately know which photo you have to take. > Continue.
  5. Tap on the photo icon. Choose between ‘Select from your Floriday gallery’ and ‘Take new photo’. Once you have selected a photo or taken a new photo, you can also add a logo or close-up.  
  6. After a few seconds, the photo will appear on your mobile phone and it will be linked to the lot on the previously scanned Electronic Delivery form.


  • On your mobile phone, go to settings and add Floriday to your start screen. This will allow you to always find Floriday quickly.
  • You might prefer to apply the above procedure backwards, taking the photos first and linking them to the form later. Any photos you take without immediately linking them to a form can be found in your gallery.
  • Add your logo. You can do this in Floriday under Supply > Batch photos > Settings. Add your logo here. From this moment onwards, the logo will automatically be placed in the corner of the batch photos that you make with Floriday.

"Thanks to Floriday, the boys can now go home on time" - Mike Huijnen, head of logistics, Plant nursery Leo Ammerlaan

Curious how other growers use the photo app? Read their story. No access yet? Request access to the Floriday patform here.

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