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Batch photos

In this article we explain everything about batch photos, linking directly to the clock letters and the display on the clock.

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Would you like up-to-date photos of your auction clock batches every day? Easily take live batch photos with your smartphone or tablet, link them directly to your clock letters and the photos will be displayed on the clock.

You can add a current photo to your clock letter both during and after creating clock letters. It does not matter whether you already have the photos on your computer or prefer to use your smartphone. Below you can read the different ways to add batch photos to your clock letter.

The following are discussed on this page:

Add batch photos while creating the clock letter

When creating your clock letter, choose the items you want to auction. Once you have confirmed your selection, you can enter the number of packaging units. You can then also adjust the batch and close-up photo on the clock front.

On the left you can see the photo that is used by default with the trade item. You can change this standard photo by editing the trade item in your catalog.

Now click on the arrow next to the photo to choose a different photo while making your clock letter. You can also click on Add Batch Photo here to add a photo directly from your computer.

To the right of it is another box with a camera. You can use this box to include a close-up photo. When you do this, the close-up photo in the lower right corner will be added to the batch photo.

When you create a clock letter with your smartphone and click the Add batch photo button here, your smartphone’s camera will open. This way you can immediately add up-to-date photos to your clock letter.

Add batch photos after creating the clock letter

If you'd rather make your auction forms first and then change the batch photos, that's of course also possible. In that case, go to Supply > Batch photos via the menu in Floriday.

On the right side, you can select a form yourself, or scan the QR code on your delivery form.

Select a form

If you click on Select Form, you will see an overview of the forms you have created. On the right-hand side you can see the current auction day. To choose a different auction day, click on the date.

Click on the forms you want to attach new batch photos to. Then click the Close button at the top right.

You will now return to the Batch photo's overview. The auction forms you've selected in the previous step will be shown here. Click on one of the auction forms to start adding new batch photos to them.

In our example, we used Select Form to select delivery form 433. Further down you can read how to use QR code scanning.

Once you've selected a form, you can add batch photos and detail photos per batch.

Alongside the batch photo and the close-up photo you can see whether a photo is Required or Optional. Click on the photo icon to choose a photo. You can now choose between ‘Choose from your Floriday gallery’ and ‘Take a new photo’.

You can use Choose from your Floriday gallery once you've added photos to the Floriday gallery. To add photos to your Floriday gallery, go to to Supply > Batch photos > Photos.

Click Take a new photo to search for the photo directly on your computer. Once you have found the photo, double click on it to add it to Floriday.

Once you've added all the photos, click on Show clock example on the right to see how the photo will look on the form. Happy with the results? Then click Publish at the bottom of the page to add the batch photos to your auction form.

Scanning a QR code

To scan a QR code of a delivery form, log in to Floriday on your smartphone. From there, go to Supply > Batch photos on your phone and then choose Scan QR code.

Your phone's camera will now open. Point your camera at the QR code of your delivery form. The delivery form has now been scanned, you can add a new batch photo directly from your smartphone.

Tip: Have you scanned the QR code with your smartphone? Then you can immediately take a new photo with your phone! Click on the delivery form followed by the product photo or detail photo of the batch. Then press Take a new photo.

Your phone's camera will now open. You can take a new photo right now or choose a photo from your phone's gallery.

After that, don't forget to click Publish at the bottom. The batch photos are now added directly to the selected delivery forms.

How do I know if the photo is properly attached to the form?

You can check this by going to Supply > Auction in Floriday. Here you will find an overview of your auction supply, with the photos attached to the relevant forms on the left.

Did you use the batch photo feature? Then you will see a purple photo icon in the photo. This means that the photo was added using the batch photo function. For additional verification, click on the picture to view it.


  • If you supply products that are still budding or in the raw development stage, then a close-up photo is required (This applies to: Lily, Alstroemeria, Freesia, Narcissus, Hyacinth, Peony, Amaryllis, Nerine, Iris, Gladiolus and Tulip.)

  • Add your logo. You can do so in Floriday by going to Supply > Batch photos > Settings. Add your logo here. From now on, the logo will automatically be placed in the left corner of batch photos that you create in Floriday.

  • In the case of a large lot (LL), the top copy must be scanned, not the following one.

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