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Latest developments June 2024
Latest developments June 2024

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for June 2024 in this article.

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Stickers in contracts

For contracts, it is now possible to add stickers to a contract. However, this requires you to have an additional service for your sticker in advance. For now, it is not possible to use one additional sticker service multiple times in the same contract. The stickers then appear on the standing order, after which they also become available on the sales order.

Creating and adding article groups in contracts

When working with article groups in contracts, you must first create them via Sales > Contracts > Trade item groups.

When creating a contract, you can then select one of these previously created Trade item groups.

The old groups are migrated to the new trade item groups, so for some growers some trade item groups may already have been created.

Minimum price when creating clock deliveries

The minimum price has become mandatory when creating clock deliveries. The minimum price field also includes a pin to remember the minimum price. This mandatory minimum price does not apply to VRM and Plantion.

Easy communication about your trade with Messenger

Floriday Messenger allows you to communicate easily and quickly about your trades on Floriday in one place.

The following features became available in June:

  • If there is already an open chat on a topic, it is now also shown the the topic itself. Thus, if a chat has already been started about the sales order, you will see the Messenger icon behind it as well.

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