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Latest developments Week 16 2024
Latest developments Week 16 2024

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 16 2024 in this article.

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Multi-select for promos

More multi-select options have now been added to promos. For example, you can set the purchase unit for several lines.

Creation of standing orders

Creating standing orders has been given a visual makeover. The lines for entering price and quantity have become much more compact, so that more can be displayed on the screen. Delivery times can also be collapsed.

Copying contracts

For existing contracts, it is now no longer possible to change the customer, even for drafts. Alternatively, when copying a contract, you can now specify which customer it is for.

Improvements for batch stickers

A number of improvements have been added for batch stickers. The third characteristic is now also shown and the last four digits of the batch reference are shown in bold.

Batch merges in pick orders

In Pick orders, batch merges are now also shown. This is especially useful for growers who merge several batches into one and then auction them.

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