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Latest developments Week 8 2024
Latest developments Week 8 2024

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 8 2024 in this article.

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Updated over a week ago

Task on the dashboard

A task has been added on the dashboard if you have additional services with the sticker type 'None'. This is because nowadays you have to label these with a correct sticker type.

Label '(Including) services' for requests and request responses

Requests and request responses now always show the label 'Including services', but with a dash if nothing is included. This way, it is slightly clearer that it therefore excludes transport and stickers.

Search fields in the order request overview

In the order request overview, the search field has been replaced by a separate article and customer filter. This is because the search field did not work well in combination with the pagination, sometimes resulting in fewer results per page.

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