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Latest developments Week 50 2024
Latest developments Week 50 2024

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 50 2023 in this article.

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Show hidden locations

In the Stock Locations overview (Supply > Stock > Stock Locations), you can now bring forward locations that are verbose via the new 'Show hidden locations' filter.

Safe order based on clock pre-sales price and primary characteristic

In Supply > Clock > Supply, you can use the settings to give preferences to the auction sequence. An option has been added here: 'Order based on clock pre-sales price and primary characteristic'.

Deliveries are first sorted descending by quality. Within the quality, cultivars are sorted descending by the highest clock pre-sales price of all batches per cultivar. Within the cultivar, they are sorted in descending order of most important characteristic. For sorting the cultivars so only the batch with the highest pre-sales price within a cultivar is taken into account.

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