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Latest developments Week 34 2023 - Wishes week
Latest developments Week 34 2023 - Wishes week

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 34 2023 in this article.

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Delivery location visible in sales order e-mail notification
In the e-mail notification for new sales orders, the delivery location is now also immediately visible.

Shortcut to Direct Sales
It is now possible to set the 'To direct sales' button as a shortcut on the dashboard. Go to Settings > Preferences > Navigation > Dashboard shortcuts to set the button.

Lock default characteristics in the catalogue
When creating and editing items, it is now possible to lock non-mandatory characteristics. Pinning ensures that a characteristic remains in the list by default, so when creating a new item, you don't have to add this characteristic again.

Save item variants in composite lists
It is now possible to save item variants when creating a batch in the composite lists.

Catalogue prices: customer-specific availability timer
In the catalogue prices screen, it is now possible to set a customer-specific timer for turning item availability on and off. In the availability filters screen, you can set a timer for each customer.

Relative raising or lowering prices on requests , offers and purchase tips
You can now relatively raise or lower prices on requests, offers and purchase tips. So for several products at once, you can raise the price by 0.05 cents, for example.

Choose date when transferring prices in offer
When transferring prices in an offer, you can now choose the date from which the prices can be transferred. This can be useful, for example, when making an offer for future weeks.

Copy bundled offers
You can now copy a bundled offer, making it easy to create and offer multiple bundled offers.

Drop delivery charges when quantity ordered
You can now set the delivery conditions to drop the delivery charges for a delivery when a quantity of load carriers is ordered. For example, you can enter here that the cost may be dropped for an order of at least 1 cart, but you can also drop the cost for, say, half a cart or 0.8 cart.

Take over prices in Direct bidding
In Direct bidding, it is now possible to take over the prices you entered last time.

Party photos for Direct Bidding
You can now use a party photo for Direct Bidding. Click on the arrow by the photo and upload the photo belonging to the party.

Search in clock templates
In clock templates, a search field has now been added that allows you to search through the clock templates, so you can quickly find the right template.

Default delivery location visible on direct delivery
When creating a direct delivery, a customer's default delivery location is now visible. The default delivery location is shown in bold.

New preference: Default delivery time for direct deliveries
You can now set a new preference for the default delivery time for direct deliveries. You can now choose a default delivery time here, e.g. at 15:00. Setting this will always set the delivery time in the direct order to 15:00. You can set the preference at: Settings > Preferences > Default > Default delivery time for direct deliveries.

Collapse and unfold cart layout
When handling a delivery, you can adjust the cart layout. You can now also collapse and unfold the carts via the arrows in this screen to make it easier to work in an organised way.

Picklist: After confirmation option for undo
In the picklist, it is now possible to undo this action after (accidentally) confirming a rule.

Item and number of pages visible in sticker overview
In the sticker overview, sticker orders now also show the articles and number of pages directly.

See which buyers have viewed an offer
In the 'My shop' activity, you can now also see which buyers have viewed your offers.

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