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Latest developments Week 25 2023
Latest developments Week 25 2023

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 25 2023 in this article.

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Merging on batch reference

The inventory list is now automatically merged by batch reference, this can be turned off under the dropdown of the button.

Clearing off season weekly prices

A new help tool has been added to clear weekly prices for off season items. In Supply > Direct sales > Catalog prices, you can now see 'Off season' button for items that are according to the expected availability. When you click this, a screen with the entered forward prices opens. Using the green checkboxes, you can also easily turn them off for those weeks, if necessary. This way, the number of supply lines can be reduced.

Delivery period in offers at line level

It is now possible to set the order and delivery period at line level. You do this at Supply > Direct sales > Offer and create an offer. You can then choose 'Period per line' under Order and 'Deviating delivery period' under Delivery. This way, you can create a separate offer for each product, but it will be processed in one offer.

Bundled offers sold

You can now also see how many bundles have been sold for the bundled offers.

Holiday exceptions in delivery terms

When setting public holiday exceptions in the delivery conditions, some examples have been added to clarify what happens at the next public holiday with the set values

Filters in the correction requests overview

In the correction requests overview, you can now also filter on 'Initiated by' so you can quickly see which requests have been submitted by the grower or buyer.

Customer specific settings in the trade settings

To avoid confusion, we have renamed the 'Exceptions' within the trade settings to 'customer specific settings'.

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