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Stock planning

Simpler working with countdown inventory and availability

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Want to manage your stock better? Then you can use the Stock Planning screens. In this article, we explain how to do this. It is important that you set up stock planning properly. Are you planning to get started? Contact Floriday support on +31 (0)174 - 35 20 70.

Please note! The screen works in conjunction with the Catalog Prices screen.

Stock items: creating, linking and attaching to the correct items.

The first thing you will do is create stock items for stock planning. Go to Supply > Direct Sales > Stock planning. When you start, you will enter a blank screen. Click on 'Add stock item'.

Now you will create a standalone stock item, this is a separate component that can appear in several items. This could be a product in a growing pot, a flower, a ceramic pot or other added value (stars, decorations, cuttings, etc.).

In this example, we will use an item in a growing pot. It can be ordered separately, but can also be ordered in a ceramic pot. These two items are both in the catalogue. I want both of these two items (item in growing pot and item in ceramic pot) to count down from the same stock.

I will also offer the ceramic pot from this item with one of the other items. We will also have these counting down from the same stock. When the ceramic pots run out, I want both items to expire on my weekly lists/catalogue prices.

You enter the details for the stock item here. Under 'Stock type', you can choose 'Weekly' or 'Continuous'. Note: the setting for weekly or continuous cannot be changed later.

  • Weekly: Start each week with new numbers.

  • Continuous: counts down through the weeks. (This is often set with, for example, pots you have a fixed number of). If you have it set up, you will see a green sign in the overview next to the item (if it is activated), indicating that it is continuous.

You then choose the stock location and have the option to upload a photo.

By default, the stock item is Deactivated when you go to create them. Once you then save these, it means they have not yet come through in the system. Once you have set everything up correctly in the Stock Planning screen, you can start activating them.

Once you have done this, you start linking items from the catalogue to the stock item. You

add the items by clicking on the bar or right on the catalogue icon. Once you have chosen the items, you can also adjust the ratio.

Explanation of ratio: Indicate how many pieces of the stock item occur in the item. For example, you can use this for mixed items consisting of different products. Example, you have a mix with 6 items. Of these, 2 out of 6 items are from this stock item. You can indicate this in the ratio this way. When purchases are then made on the mix, they are counted down appropriately.

This is how you are going to add the various stock items to the stock planning. Add the different items that are combined with each other separately.

Example: I have two different dracaenas in a black pot, but I also sell the dracaenas separately in the growing pot. With the black pot, you can see that two items are linked to this. Linked to the Dracaena are also two items, the dracaena in growing pot and the dracaena in the ceramic pot.

Now that you have added the items, click save. As you can see, all stock items are currently deactivated. You can also see this in the overview by the yellow sign next to the item.

At the top right of the screen, you have the option to sort. This allows you to sort the items in the order you want.

Creating stock items via catalogue prices

From Supply > Direct Sales > Catalogue Prices you can also create a stock item. In doing so, click on the 3 dots next to an item, click on the New Stock Item option here. This creates only the stock item.

To link items to this, go to Stock Planning again. You will then see 0 items listed under the stock item. When you click on the picture at this item, you can start adding items. Click on photo and 'add items'.

Removing stock item

Want to delete a stock item? Then, in the Stock Planning screen, click on the multiselect box. A green bar will now appear at the bottom, here you have the option to delete. This way, you can delete a stock item.

Entering numbers

Now that you have created all your stock items for the stock planning, you can start filling in the numbers.

You enter the screen at Supply > Direct Sales > Stock Planning. Here you can see the stock

items you have created. In doing so, you start in a screen with no numbers. Here you will see the different price groups you have created. Now you can make a Stock distribution per price group, in addition to this you can also exclude customers. These can also be customers who are not in your price groups. Click on Stock distribution.

You now come to the price groups screen, click 'Add an exception'. Here follows a screen where you can select different customers you want to exempt from the price groups. You can give a % stock distribution across all your stock items here.
โ€‹Note: This is generic and not per article.

If you have set exceptions for customers next to the price groups, they will appear behind the price groups in the Stock Planning screen. When you then start entering the numbers, using this distribution, it automatically calculates how much the price group or customer can buy or see of the item.

Now that you have set the distribution for the price groups and customers, click "Save". You now return to the Stock Planning screen.

The numbers can now be entered here. When you start in this screen, all boxes are greyed out.

By entering the quantity for the current week at a stock item, it automatically distributes based on your stock distribution to the price groups and any excepted customers.

Creating countdown stock

Want to make countdown stock? Then at the stock item, click on the 3 dots > Countdown stock. You are now also shown the option Max. visible. Here, you set what the price group or customer can see at most.

Note: this is a countdown. In this situation, this number can be bought until it runs out.

If the numbers under Current week become lower than the Max. visible the box also turns orange. If you point your mouse at this you will see the text below.

When the boxes are coloured grey, they automatically go with what you enter for the current week. You can also choose to leave these boxes 'open'. When you set a box open, it runs more on its own and does not follow the current week. This allows you to enter on a very customer-specific basis how much may be bought by someone. This is then deducted from the total.

Working with closed and open compartments?

You may want to give your good customers the opportunity to be able to buy everything, and you may want to show C customers supply but not allow them to buy a lot, for example. Then you can choose to work with closed and open compartments. All compartments run with the stock you set for the current week.

If you have now set everything up correctly for the stock item, you can start activating it. You do this by clicking on the 3 dots and choosing Activate. With this, it now also goes all the way through the system. You set the availability slider to green and then click Save at the bottom right.

Now that you have saved the stock item, the Catalogue prices can be entered.

Entering prices for stock items

Once you have saved this in Stock Planning, you will see it reflected in the Catalogue Prices as shown below with a green ball with a picture of the stock item. If the item from the Catalogue prices is linked to several stock items, you can see this using the number next to the Number of pieces.

The 'number of pieces' is based on the number of pieces that can be sold and which you have indicated in the Stock Planning.

Furthermore, the prices can be filled in the way you are used to with the Catalogue prices.

Once the counter in the Stock Planning screen is at 0, the line will go away, including the items linked to this line.

Example: So when you have set a countdown stock at the white pot and there then turns out to be no more stock. Then the items with the white pot will automatically go away, as they are linked to it.

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