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Latest developments Week 16 2023 - Wishes week
Latest developments Week 16 2023 - Wishes week

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 16 2023 in this article.

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Notification of new sticker job

You can now receive a notification when a new sticker order is ready in Floriday. To turn the notification on, go to: Settings > Notifications.

Sorting order for composite lists (at batch creation)

When creating a party, you can use lists which have been compiled. Within the compiled lists, all items are now sorted according to the sorting order set in 'Preferences'.

Search by item within the offers overview

In the offers overview, it is now possible to search by a specific item. When you search for an item, only the offers that include this item come up.

Show that an item is hidden in the catalogue

In various places in Floriday, it is now visible when an item is hidden in the catalogue. You can see that an item is hidden by means of the 'crossed-out eye icon'.

Sales orders

Show only buyers in the filter who have placed orders

In the sales order screen, you can filter by buyer; previously, this filter showed the full list of buyers. Now only the buyers you have received orders from are shown here.

Filtering by item in sales order overview

It is now possible to filter by an item in the sales order overview. Click on the filter icon to reveal filters on the left, here you can now filter by an item.


Year numbers visible within contracts

Within contracts, years are now also visible so you have a better overview.

Search bar when creating or editing contracts

A search option has now been added when creating or editing a contract. You can now easily search between all items in the contract here.

Filtering by concepts and handling them in one go

In the auction letter overview, it is now possible to filter by status (sent or drafts). When you filter by 'concepts', the multi-select allows you to select all concepts and deal with them at once.

Customise and save selected clock template

When you have selected a clock template and made a modification, you can now easily overwrite the existing template. You click on 'Save as template' and the existing template is now directly selected to overwrite, all you have to do now is click on 'Save'.

Preset whether to use clock presale prices or not by default

You can now set whether you want the preset clock presale prices filled in by default when creating auction letters. Go to Settings > Preferences > Clock delivery preferences. Here you can turn on the setting.

Logistic delivery location stated more clearly and larger on the delivery note

On the new supply letter for direct trade, the logistic delivery location is now displayed more clearly and larger at the top right of the letter. To use the new supply letter, you need to turn it on in your trade settings via Network > Network > Trade settings.

The new delivery note looks as follows, with the delivery location underlined:

Be able to include prices by date in the application

When filling in an application, it is now possible to copy prices from different offer types for a chosen date. This makes it easy to enter the right prices for the right date.

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