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Latest developments Week 14 2023
Latest developments Week 14 2023

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 14 2023 in this article.

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Types of notifications

In notifications, you can now search as well as filter by notification type. The types differentiate between 'All', 'Platform' and 'Apps'. In this way we want to make it clearer which notifications come from what. This can only be seen if there is an actual App associated with Floriday. Currently, the only App with a notification is Insights.

Origin of offer

The details dialog near the Supply overview now also shows the origin of the supply. This allows you to see if the offer was a catalog price promo, for example.

Auction groups visible

Auction groups are now also visible at clock supply and clock pre-sales. So you can see the auction group per line. This is necessary because some auction groups are excluded from Clock pre-sales. This is also shown in the status bullet on that line.

Clock pre-sales percentage

The maximum clock pre-sales percentage has been reduced from 50% to 45% for Royal FloraHolland.

Physical stock in logistic batch journal

The logistic batch journal now shows physical stock as well.

Printing of Transform orders

It is now possible to print Transform orders.

Shipment number on Transform orders

The shipment number is now also shown with Transform orders. This can also be searched or filtered.

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