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Latest developments Week 2 2023 - Wishes week
Latest developments Week 2 2023 - Wishes week

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 2 2023 in this article.

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Grouped notifications of orders per customer and per delivery time

You can now receive sales order notifications grouped by delivery time and customer. Under Settings > Notifications, you can turn on grouped notifications.

The next Wishes Week

The top of the roadmap will now show when the next Wishes Week is. Be sure to add your demands and requests to the roadmap before that date.

Adding photos to timeline posts

You can now add photos to timeline posts. When you want to post a timeline post, click the camera button and you will be able to upload an image.

Clickable header names on timeline posts

On the timeline you can scroll through posts from buyers in your network. Buyer company names are now clickable on the timeline. Clicking on the company name will take you directly to the buyer's customer card.

Buyers are informed about products that have been made available again.

Buyers are now automatically notified weekly via the timeline about items that have become available again.

Remember where you left off in item overview

In item overview (catalogue), the system will now remember where you left off on the page. This means that when open an article and go back to the overview, you will automatically end up back in the same place and you won't have start again at the top of the page.

Filter by in-season items in batches

Now when creating a batch, you can filter by only items that are currently in-season.

Catalogue prices

1. Article column is fixed when scrolling horizontally

The column on the left where you see all items and availability is now fixed on the screen. When you scroll to the right to view price groups, this column is now also fixed.

2. Overview of hidden items in catalogue

Under catalogue prices, you can now see which items are hidden in the catalogue by clicking the crossed-out eye icon. These are the items where the 'show item in catalogue' checkbox is unchecked in the catalogue.

3. Filter by hidden or visible items

Along with recognising the icon for hidden items, you can now also filter by hidden or visible items.


1. Offer based on availability by default

You can now set an offer based on availability by default rather than supply countdown. In Floriday, go to 'Settings > Preferences'. At the bottom of this page you set a preference for 'Default offer type for offers'. Here you can choose: based on availability.

2. Search by title in offer overview

In the offers overview, you can now search by the title of an offer using the search bar. This makes it easy to find the right offer.

3. Clearer error message for customer-specific offers

When creating a customer-specific offer, the following message may appear: 'One or more items are customer-specific, but do not belong to the selected customers'. Now this error message also indicates which item it is so you can remove this item from the offer.

4. Easier to de-select items in selection dialogue

When selecting items, you can now also easily de-select items via the left-hand column. To de-select an item, click on the 'minus icon' next to an item.

Temporarily pause delivery via delivery conditions

You can now temporarily pause product delivery. This function can be implemented if you are experiencing a very busy period and are temporarily unable to deliver products. Go to Supply > Direct sales > Terms of delivery Here you will find the 'Pause delivery' button. Here you can specify the time in which you will be unable to deliver. Your offer can now no longer be ordered until the time you have specified. In the meantime, the offer can be ordered as normal for after the temporary delivery pause.

Commercial batch card for auction parties

You can now request a batch card for the yields of both Auction Presales and auction prices for the same batch. This can be done from both the clock and the stock screen.

Repeated calls on a contract for an extended period

You can now set automatic repeated call-offs on a contract for a pre-determined period of time. Create a call-off order and select 'repeat' for the call-off order. Here you can set how often this call-off order can be placed automatically, e.g. every week on Monday for a month.

Overview of total number of load carriers per day

You can now see the total number of carts you will deliver per day. This number is useful to know for matters such as transport. You can see the total number of carts for the auction under 'Delivery forms'. You can also directly see the total number of carts under 'Completed deliveries'. You can also filter by location; for example, if you choose Aalsmeer, you will only see the total number of carts for Aalsmeer.

Requests for quotes

1. Overview of requests sorted by creation date by default

The requests overview is now sorted by creation date instead of response time by default. This lets you clearly see what the latest requests are.

2. Name and contact details of buyer on requests

A request will now include a buyer's name and contact details. Please note that when a request is placed from FloraXchange or when the data sharing checkbox for a buyer is unchecked, this data cannot be displayed.

3. Use multi-select to select/reject request lines

You can now use the multi-select option within a request. This lets you select or reject several lines all at once.

Link to grower Explorer page

You can now also copy and share your own link from your Explorer page. Go to 'My shop > Marketing', where you will find the Explorer URL. This link takes customers directly to the Explorer where they can view your product range.

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