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Latest developments Week 49 2022
Latest developments Week 49 2022

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 49 2022 in this article.

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YouTube videos in timeline messages

You can now add YouTube videos via the timeline messages that you can post on the buyers' dashboard.

Minimum characters additional services

Previously, the name of an additional service had to consist of at least five characters. This has been changed to a minimum of three characters.

GLN at stock locations

The GLN in the Warehouses overview is now always visible. In this way locations are even better recognizable. It could happen that there was a double name here. Choosing the correct location would then be very difficult.

Direct bidding time changed

The time of direct bidding has been changed on Friday, December 9 from 12:00 to 12:00 to 15:00.

Via stock fast to Direct Bidding

You can now quickly access your Direct Bidding offer via stock. Click on the Direct Bidding icon in the line and you are there very quickly. This icon was already visible for parties with Direct Bidding offers. However, it is now even better and clickable.

Loading photo with Direct Bidding

In Direct Bidding the loading photo of the lot was missing. This problem is now solved. The loading photo of the lot is now correctly displayed at Direct Bidding.

Clock sales from nursery

Auction sales can only take place on Mondays.

Information for clock presale orders

Clock presale orders now show more information. For example, the letter number is now shown. Also, the lot photo now appears here.

Sales orders by end customer

For sales orders placed by an end customer, the segment and country are also shown. This gives the grower more insight. This information is mandatory for end customers.

Filtering by commercial invoice reference

In the sales order overview you can now filter on the commercial invoice reference. You can search for this using the existing letter number search field. Be sure to spell the reference correctly.

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