Sharing wishes from the roadmap

It is possible to share wishes you have put on the roadmap. You do this by clicking on the three dots on the right of the wish and click 'share wish'. From here you can share a link or a QR code.

Password requirements

The password requirements now also show that your user name, first name and last name must not appear in your new password.

Remove collection from article

For the articles in the catalogue, it is now also possible to retrieve the collection from an article via quick setting.

Filter collections on mobile devices

In the catalogue, you can now filter collections on mobile devices. This is in the filter sidebar with all other filters.

Batch stock location

In the af-tuin auction offer screen, the stock location of the batch is now also shown.

Edit external stock deliveries

External stock deliveries can now be edited before being processed. Here, you can edit the number of barrels you will actually deliver. However, the number of reserved barrels is taken into account, which is needed for yard auctions.

Decimal numbers in price groups

For price groups, you can now also work with decimal numbers for percentage discounts and surcharges. For example, you can now give 7.5% discount to your loyal customers.

Share offers

Direct Offer offers can now also be shared with buyers via links. A grower can share a link for all his current offer, or for a specific offer line. This also immediately includes the QR code.

Commercial invoice reference

The commercial invoice reference is now directly visible in the sales orders overview.

Print batch labels

It is now also possible to print batch stickers for repacking orders.

Choose carrier

For both clock delivery flows, you can now select a carrier. This will soon be needed for track-and-tracing developments.

Refusing a request

When rejecting a request, it is now mandatory to give a reason, otherwise the buyer does not know why his request has been rejected.

Comments on a request

Any comments entered by the buyer with a request are now also shown to the grower.

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