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Fulfillment - Stickers

Read this article to learn how to find the sticker orders issued by your customers

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Customers can add sticker orders in various ways in Floriday. They can add stickers by using the Additional services, by using Standing orders or via the Purchasing orders screen in the customers portal. In this article we explain how you can find the sticker orders issued by your customers.

Sticker tasks

All sticker orders (or tasks) can be found in Floriday by navigating to Fulfillment > Stickers. Here you will find the pending sticker tasks that customers have included in their purchase orders. You're able to filter customers and warehouse locations on this page as well.

On this page you can choose to select separate stickers, select stickers by date or select all the stickers on the current page. After selecting the stickers, press Print in the bottom left to view the stickers in a PDF file. From here you can print the stickers using your sticker printer.

The animation below shows the selection options.

Fulfilled tasks

When navigating to Fulfilled tasks, you will find the (you guessed it) fulfilled sticker tasks.

After printing sticker tasks, these tasks will end up on this page. From here you're able to print the stickers again or set the tasks as unfulfilled. You can also filter customers and warehouse locations here.


On this page you can choose to print stickers with a leading sticker. Simply click the slider to turn this setting on or off.

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