Setting shortcuts

Via the dashboard shortcuts within the settings, you can now also set a shortcut to the stock screen. This way, you can access the stock screen directly from the dashboard.

Settings > Preferences > Dashboard shortcuts

Trending articles

The dashboard now also shows whether you have a trending article in the Explorer this week. This also shows which spot (1, 2 or 3) your article is in.

Stock location date filter

The chosen date period is now also remembered locally in the stock location date filter. So if you always want to see the past 30 days here, you don't have to choose this again when you enter the screen.

Indication standing offers

For standing offers, an indication has now been added if they could not be approved automatically. This is because the quantity limit in the contract has already been reached. Now it is clearer why a particular standing offer was not automatically passed even though it was set in the contract.

Delivery forms

The letters I, O and U are now no longer used when generating delivery forms. This is because the I can look like a 1 and thus cause confusion.

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