Floriday lets you offer products for clock sales from nursery in Eelde. With the clock sales from nursery, you offer products against a digital clock in Eelde which means that your supply can remain in the ground during the auction. Want to know more about the clock sales from nursery in Eelde, then click here.

The article below explains how to create a supply via Floriday for the clock sales from nursery in Eelde.

In Floriday, go to Fulfillment > Delivery orders and click Add Delivery order button.

Select External stock and click Next step.

Select the desired shipping location. Then choose Royal Floraholland leveren uit Voorraad Eelde as Delivery Location.

For delivery time, select Wednesday 2 p.m.

Note: In this initial phase, this is the only fixed delivery time during the week. Should scale-up occur, this will be expanded.

Choose the items you want to supply to the clock sales from nursery in Eelde at the next step (step 3 on the screen). Click on Add batches or Add trade items.

On the left, select the articles you want to supply. You do this by clicking on the article. You can select which load the items are on under load. Click on confirm.

Then state how many containers you want to supply under Number of packages

Then click Save.

To then offer this delivery for clock sales from nursery, go to Supply> Stock and choose Royal FloraHolland leveren uit Voorraad Eelde.

Here you can see the lots you just created in steps 1 to 6.

Select all relevant batches. A green bar appears at the bottom of the screen with the Offer option Supply.

Click on it and choose clock sales from nursery

State the quantity in the next screen, here you can also enter the desired minimum price. Check all data are correct and then click on Offer

The next screen appears.

Clicking on the green button 'To clock sales from nursery' takes you to the overview of the offer created for clock sales from nursery.

These lots have now been offered at clock sales from nursery in Eelde.


Before the lot is auctioned, do you want to make an adjustment? Then press the three dots in the screen above, delete the lot and enter it again.

Delivery orders

After auctioning, the sold lots can be handled and delivered. This follows the process of devivery order to a shared warehouse. For this, see the next article, starting at step 7! Delivery order to a shared warehouse

Requesting payment

After auctioning, you can request payout for the orders. To do this, go to sales orders. Filter on from nursery Clock Sales and select the orders whose payout you want to request. The Request Payment option will appear at the bottom of the screen.

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